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Ladies, can you propose to a man if he is wasting time? 7 Men, how would you take a marriage proposal from a woman? ?

I definitely know I'm not a woman but I think the idea and the notion that proposal is meant for men is definitely wrong, I do not think women should be treated any lesser or any higher than a man or because a woman has the feminine gender therefore she is entitled to being proposed to.

For example proposal doesn't have to be dramatic in my opinion or kneeling down in public and bringing out a ring a woman can actually propose to a man by doing that a maybe dinners or just their secret little outings this is definitely okay the only reason why women feel that proposal is only meant for men is because of the drama that comes with it the drama of having to face cameras and recordings is totally uncalled for with a lot of people watching and recording in a video cam makes it too dramatic which makes it a herculean task for a woman to propose a man.

And speaking as a man I think a woman proposing is just as normal as anything because before a woman even proposes she would have started showing signs of wanting long term commitment in the way she handles the relationship that is if it has gotten past the stage of dating so I don't think men should see proposal as a surprise because they should have seen it coming in the manner and way through which a woman behaves react or even take a relationship.

It will be nothing special for a man who share the opinion that anybody can propose in a relationship provided it is not the dramatic or open place kind of proposal the full glare of people which for me I think is wrong or uncalled for, so I will take it as just something normal and if it is a woman have plan to spend the rest of my life with I will even be overjoyed because she has taken the courage two step forward and propose because I think before she could gather the courage to do so she must have accessed the kind of love we both share and consider it enough for marriage


Yes. In fact, I've said it several times! I believe that sincerity, respect is fundamental in any type of relationship and if one respects the other person, one cannot delude them or create false expectations. From the very moment I see some interest on the part of the other and I am not interested, I let you know. Some immediately move away, others are more insistent. Regarding the latter, I once met a person who, ever since he met me, had very nice gestures, but since he was special to everyone, I didn't feel that I should put a limit on him. When I realized what I wanted, I told him I wasn't interested. He just told me that he wasn't going to give up, that he wasn't used to losing. I told him that it wasn't a competition and that if he kept going it was his own responsibility. In the end he realized that he was still looking for me not because he wanted me but because of vanity, because he didn't accept that there are things in life that you can't have. Things and people! 


Most men would describe a woman that attempt to propose to them as being desperate. Marriage is not a child's play and requires utmost decision making, no one should be cajoled or pressured into it because the can hardly give their partner their best if they are compelled to make such delicate decision.

Proposal from a man to a woman means that the man is ready for marriage while proposal from a woman to a man, means that the woman is ready and the man isn't. If you make a man very comfortable by being his girlfriend, he may never wife you. But any man that truly loves and treasures you would want to wife you.

So as a lady, if you're ready for marriage and your man isn't popping the question, the best you can do is to give him clues that you want the relationship to be taken to the next level and if he doesn't take any action, you should understand that he is either not ready for such step or he isn't sure that you're the one he should make such commitment to.