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Do you think steemit.com will crash?
Pending payouts are gone , could it be that Ned lacks a quality team of developers??

The total opposite is going to happen. Since the coin was valued at 7 c a year ago so much has moved forward and the entire platform is in a stronger space.

The markets are currently being manipulated and this has had a knock on effect with Steem. Once it all is sorted out it will go crazy.

If you look at the post payouts you will understand not much has changed. When Steem was valued at $4 and you had a post of $20 that was roughly 4 steem after curation. Today a $2 post will give you the same return in steem. It is about understanding the bigger picture and seeing what is going on.

The platform is way ahead of its competitors and so much has been developed and still to be developed. With the SMT's around the corner the platform is healthier than ever.

The problem with most people is they have no patience and just want it all now. These things take time and patience is essential. We are going to have  a bright future and it is a matter of time.


First of all I think you are certainly asking about steem not steemit. I hope you know the difference between steem and steemit.

If you are asking about steem blockchain, then it is a bug only and I am sure the team must have been working now and well aware of the situation. A downtime or a bug or some technical issuees may cause inconvenience temporarily to its users but I do not think it is sufficient to create panic among the trader and lead to crash. So relax, no such thing is going to happen.

Steem blockchain is still a value based blockchain and as a blockchain it is simply fantastic as a front runner blockchain in the industry in crypto space in terms of performance.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I don't think so. I prefer tomorrow remain on them positive side on this. Steemit has seen worse days that this. It's the truth. As long as there are people who are ready to connect at share their contents, Steemit.com will remain standing.

There's been a those times that when they price of steem had been very very low. Yet, people stayed. They worked together see that the platform didn't die.

I know many people thought that's with Dan leaving Steemit, the platform was heading for doom. Yet, here we are today, still standing. Steemit is bigger than you can imagine.

Another reason I believe steemit will stand is due to the dedication of the owner @ned and seeing that things ate constantly improving. He's got a team of serious and intelligent minds who ate contributing their quota today see everything goes well. Just take a review on the recently held steem fest and you'd know there's no way steemit would fold up any time soon. We are here for reasons otherwise than the money.

Steemit will prevail.


 Hi Purpletanzanite good question.

Big No by my side because now these days. It's downbut it doesn't mean steem will crash it's absolutely nothing happened Because lot of people investment in here in female so if we think steemit crashdown it never happened.

Another thing is now it's time to

Invest more

Now it's time to get more 

Now it's time to support steemit

if we can't support steam at this time its unfair.

Steemit give us lot of opportunity. Now it's our time to give something to steemit.

Now it's time to buy steem as much as you can because now steem rates are to down if you buy this time you not spend too much money on buying steam but it's very beneficial in future in just June 2019.