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Do you think "daddy issues" could influence a woman into dating older men just to fill the Dad gap ?

That may be the case  for some women, but I’m not sure we can generalize. True, experienced men can be attractive to young women. Usually, if we notice in HS, girls tend to be involved with older boys (at least 2 or 3 years older). After getting their fare share of contemporaries, chances are they find them immature or irresponsible, in which case an older man may fill the gap.

Every case may pose different questions or possibilities. That being said, in the case of my culture, economic interest is usually the main motivation for a young girl to want to be with a man, say, 15-20 or even more years older.

Venezuelan young women rarely express respect or admiration for an old suitor unless that man has money to guarantee them some comfort and status. Sexuality (sexual life) is always a jocose topic of conversation and, even with Viagra now, women are always joking about how boring or frustrating having sex with an old man may be (in cases where the age disparity is considerable, say 25/65).

That rejection is somehow mitigated by the idea that, if there is money in between, it would make it less gross. I have heard this sort of comments very often among friends. The daddy issue question is nonetheless a possible factor, but I think it is more associated, at least consciously, to the experience, independence, and responsibility aspects associated with older men.  


This is definitely a psychological thing I do not think that dating and parental influence can be mixed together, in essence I think 70% of older men are about the sex if they are in a younger relationship with a younger girl and to be able to establish a fatherly figure relationship by a girl in a dating relationship with an older man is going to be difficult if not impossible, it would even be more possible if a girl dates a younger person and ask for advice about her daddy issues and seek for solutions to her problems from a younger man which is dating.

Reason why it will be easier for younger man is because a younger man may deeply be in love with a girl and has plans for her future maybe marital plans as well, and if she is having daddy issues and her house a younger man can be able to provide advice and also provide solution to her in order to cope with a troubling father in the house because a younger man's priority includes becoming in-laws and having a futuristic plan for a girl in 70% cases and he will be so happy to help a girl sort out her issues with her father.

But older men do not care about this in fact the reason why people date older men are the reason why younger girls date older men is 95% for the money and the attention so it is like theyre both providing for their carnal needs which most of the time is about exchanging sex with money so they do not have time to be talking about parental issues, although I do not speak for all older to younger relationships, but most times a young girl dating an older man can never solve any issues she is having with her father in the home because these are basically not the goals of such relationships.

So I don't think having daddy issues can influence a girl into dating an older man because such relationships doesn't support such goals and my only even make the issues worse so dating a younger person will even be better because the priorities will exceed beyond the sex so I think a younger person we care about a girl's psychological needs or problems more than an older man