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As a woman, would you let your husband have a child with someone else if you were unable to conceive? ?

No, I would definitely not. A marriage is a contract between two people and a family means two parents and children. The husband has an obligation to his wife and children if they have children.

Having a child with someone else is not part of the contract you are signing when getting married. If you cannot conceive, there are other methods to have children, one of which is adoption. Many children are abandoned or orphan, you can adopt one and have a happy life.

If your husband wants a child of his own, which you can't give him, you should let him go, set him free. I don't see how a marriage can work otherwise. Being married to you and having a child with another woman is unacceptable. How fair would that be to the child and the other woman? Have you thought of that?


My answer would be a big NO. 

Marriage is not only about making child. But it surely is a big part on marriage. If I am unable to conceive, I would probably choose other ways, but would not accept the fact that my husband slept with another women just to have a baby.

This problem could be solved by adopting a baby or find a surrogate mother if possible. But letting my husband to get a baby from another woman does not make the baby my own. 

There is no way my husband could do that holding our marriage contract. He must cut himself free from the marriage if he wants a baby. Or I would choose to let him free. It would be much wiser. 

I know, in Islam; there's a culture where Husband can have up to four wives at a time. And this is one of the reasons for such rituals. I am sure I couldn't accept such thing and surely would choose other options. 


Well we sometimes make sacrifices for those that we really love and care about,if i were unable to conceive i would really see adopting a child as the best option but i would not

realistically want another woman to capture the heart of my husband but for the sake of love i could be willing to allow my husband to have a child from someone but it has to be a mutual agreement with my husband and he must

promise that he will not stop being that caring and loving husband that he is to me...yeah that is a very huge sacrifices to make and also a very big risks to take but trust me love is also about sacrifices and we sometimes take huge risks for those we love.....

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My answer is No!

I can't let that happen. My husband and i will simply adopt a baby. I can't bear to have the knowlege that my husband slept with another woman or is going sleep with another woman. No! It will definitely weigh me down.

If he were to be the one at fault, would he allow me to go sleep with another man just get a child for him? I guess the answer will be No!

I will simply beg him to adopt a child; but he doesn't want that, I prefer to g away while he gets up with another woman.

Afterall, once the other woman bears him a child, his attention will be on her, he will simply forget about his wife he married. The wife will be neglected.