@whyaskwhy: Why does Negative News get more attention than Positive News?

There is no doubting this weird phenomenon of Negative News being patronised instead of the Positives!! This has been from time immemorial.

But why should this be?? Isn't this an anathema?? Shouldn't this be discontinued??

As appropriate as the need to engineer a change of this status quo; it may linger longer than necessary and anticipated!! These could be why!!

1) FEAR/ INSECURITY. Much dwellings in Negative news is traceable to FEAR of being Victims , in the future of similar circumstances. Desiring and ruminating over negative news ,often is an attempt to empathise with the victims and or imagine a behavioral change which would exempt them from being Victims of such circumstances in the future.

2) MEDIA HYPES. Being cognitive of the above, the media most often promotes that which attract more patronage S it would result in better financial gain. Thus the consumer might be left with no option, but to consume the available, which is most often than not, the bad news!!


Most news are intended to attract the attentions of target authority toward an imagined goal. Thus the story is Colored to instill fear, hatred , threat etc on the public.

The concern governing authority would act therefore to forestall breakdowns of law and order!!


You should take a listen to the song "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley.  Also take the time to read the lyrics so you can gain an understanding of what it is talking about.  People are more drawn to negative news than they are to positive news.  It is just part of the way we are wired.  Similar to how we all enjoy a good bit of gossip, we like to get all the down and dirty details about what is going on with people or who did what to whom.  

Take a look at the number of people who watch car racing just for the crashes.  We like disaster, we are drawn to it and for whatever reason we seem to revel in it.  Especially when it isn't happening to us.  Misfortune at the expense of others seems to be that flame that we as moths just can't keep away from.

Here is another example.  Look at the number of fail videos on Youtube.  Anything from someone crashing to getting hit in the junk.  As I said, there is something about the misfortune of others that we really just seem to be drawn to.  I don't know if it is human nature or our sinful nature or what.