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Cuộc sống của bạn có được thay đổi hay là ảnh hưởng bởi vì Steem không ? / Has your life been changed or affected by Steem?
Đối với nhiều nước vài cent (USD) một ngày cũng có thể thay đổi cuộc sống của con người. Đối với bạn thì Steem có lam cuộc sống thay đổi không? For many countries, even few cents (USD) a day can be a life changer. Has Steem made a dramatic change in your life in a good (or maybe a bad) way?

For those living on a budget like me, the answer would be definitely yes, at least in terms of financial support. 

As a senior in university, I have not got a job in real life yet, so posting and relevant activities on Steem are probably my bread and butter. Steem has played a pivotal role in contributing to my total income with a significant amount of money monthly through it is not stable as I expected. But once I accumulate a huge number of STEEMs over a while, it will be a big deal. Thanks to that, I seem to be more motivated to work harder and be prepared to face any obstacles in outside world.

I strongly believe that the price of STEEM will be recovered in the future, but the point is how long it will take. For some having a plan committing to this platform in a long run, time does not seem to bother them too much. But in my case, if necessary, I will withdraw some STEEMs to pay off for my needs such as covering my bills or purchasing new items. I am clueless about investment, so I think it would be much safer for me to keep  a lump sum of cash on hand .

The points mentioned above are beneficial impacts that Steem has on me from financial perspective, and I hope others are affected positively by Steem  in some ways.

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It has made a huge change in my life. I had no idea that these sites existed and you could make money from it.

The reason why I say my life has changed is it has given me more hope for the future. It will give me choices that I have never had before. I see it as a retirement policy  that I can have fun growing at the same time.

The way I see it even though I spend hours on here now is than one day not too far off in the future I will be big enough to do whatever i want. The first 6 months was very tough but I have found it a lot easier now due to all the hard work that has already been put in.

I believe like most of the platform that Steem has a bright future and will increase in value. If we are holding 20 000 SP and Steem goes to $10 your vote is worth more than $11.00. This could be a good passive income and generate $1-$2000 per month without much effort. Steem I am confident will go a lot higher than that over the next 5 years so there will be some choices that can be made if the users remain on the platform building and growing their accounts.

I know I will retire in the next 10 years and will not have to worry about finances due to Steemit. There are very few things in life that can change your life like this place can.