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Reasons to accumulate Steem Power?
For learners: there's a refinement among Steem and Steem Power. Steem is a token that you can exchange straightforwardly, at any rate it can in like way be changed into Steem Power. This is the thing that Steem Power is, as cleared up in the Steemit wallet interface:- Impact tokens which give you more noteworthy master over post payouts and enable you to get on curation rewards. That is the thing that Steem Power does, yet I accept a generous number of us have trade viewpoints and inspirations, so I'll light up what Steem Power intends to me and why I've kept it for so long.

I consider that accumulating the largest amount of SP is basically betting on the platform in the long term and investing in yourself at the same time, because it takes the example of the great whales that consistently vote themselves and that way they don't have to depend on the votes of other users or other whales.

We could see it in a simple way, to accumulate SP is to generate money with our own money, but without spending it. Since if for example we are able to reach a voting power of say $10 and we are able to publish 3-4 times a day would be the equivalent of generating $ 40 which combined with the reward systems of steemit not only give us an almost instant monetary reward but also will grow even more our SP in a super practical and uncomplicated way.


There are loads of reasons to accumulate Steem and especially now.

In March next year SMT's are being launched and this opens up new avenues for large SP holders. The more you have by then the better it will be. It lloks like there could be the possibility of leasing out your resource credits to the Dapps. 

You won't lease out your Voting Power and SP but just your resource credits. This will become clearer closer to the launch dates but there are opportunities appearing now.

Holding and growing SP is the only way to grow. Your vote is linked to your SP and the more you have the bigger your vote. It is the easiest time to grow when Steem is low in value so everyone who is serious about growth should be very busy right now.

The time will come when it will be harder to grow as there will be much more users busy taking a percentage of the reward pool.  Right now we have maybe 16 000 users sharing in the reward pool and who knows in 6 months we could have 10 times that so there will be a lot less for everyone.

Accumulate and grow now whilst you can.


Well, One of the reasons of accumulating Steem is that I look forward into the future. I just do it when I am free and accumulate as much as I can, who knows five years down the road, eventually, I have enough Steem to be able to have extra cash. 

I see it like this ant, the ant just works and works. Slowly and eventually a hill is built. I am living in a country where the US currency is 4 times of my currency. If bitcoin is going to one day go back to its peak value it can let me get something I guess. Well, Just do it and do it. I guess thats the reason. Well, i recently learnt how to convert those steem dollars to bitcoins. So I just let it accumulate. Slowly but eventually, something will happen. It's not going to be a miracle but it's like working too actually. This can be one passive income some day. 

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