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What are the benefits of asking questions on musing?
I have been on musing for quite a while. Like 5 months coming. I only answer questions. But I want and need to know. What are the benefits of ASKING questone on musing

There are great benefits for asking questions on Musing. I will list these few benefits and explain my reasons for such options.

1) LEARNING : One of the best ways to learn new things or add more to your knowledge is by asking questions. Musing contains great experts who will help you provide quality answers to your questions as the answers are always well explained and relevant.

2) EARNING: Some people are on Musing because they want to earn more money easily just by asking questions. Musing is a decentralized platform on steem blockchain that will enable you to earn more Steemit tokens (steem, SP and SBD) just for asking questions. What are you waiting for? Start asking questions on Musing and start earning for your questions.

3) PROMOTING BLOCKCHAIN: I haven't come across any blockchain related question and Answer platform which is more easy and convenient to use other than Musing. Most popular question and answers websites like Quora, stack exchange and many others aren't built on blockchain but Musing is built on blockchain and this is one of the best ways of promoting the blockchain.

4) PROMOTING STEEM : We can #promo-steem by making use of Musing as this will bring in more people to Steemit since they can earn and learn by making use of Musing. Musing has a sharing feature where we can share our answers to our social media network which serves as a means of advertising Steemit to people who might have not heard about it. Why will you want to post your questions on some other websites when we have great experts on Musing which is built on the steem blockchain.

5) ADDING MORE TO MUSING DEVELOPMENT: The best way to make any platform successful is when the inhabitants of such platform strives for success to make the platform successful. This implies that we can make musing more developed and take musing to the next level by having more people asking questions and more people providing answers because this is what musing is all about. If everyone keep mute on musing, musing won't get to this stage. Let's increase the number of questions asked on Musing by staying consistent on the platform.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I agree with  Sweven to some extent. Getting rewards is the most interesting factor on musing, and normally musers do get rewards if the question is up to the mark.

But, I think, getting rewards is nor the basic purpose of asking questions on musing, neither existence of the platform of musing is based on this principle.

Musing is based on the principle of helping people in their queries with authenticated and satisfactory responses from the community.

Reward is a mean to attract more and more audience to this platform and a distinguished feature of Steem Blockchain. This feature is being successful in getting the attention of the new users around the globe so far, and hopefully, will continue to do so.

I hope, musing would reach to the standard as high as of quora, and people would visit musing when they really wanna know/ask something, then rewards will be a bonus.


 Questions about Crypto, Technology, Productivity are always a great choice to ask. A little bit of thinking should be done on how to express your thoughts in a few words. 

 Genuine Answer providers are available On the Steem Blockchain and Musing Which makes it Relevant to ask Questions. Musing is based on Principle of Relevancy and Precision when it Comes to Answers and those are the Ones that get Rewarded the Most. This makes it a Reliable Source for Answers. 

The Most exciting features and benefits are Rewards, Acquiring more and more Knowledge by following the People you Like and more. This is what makes the Steem Blockchain a Great Platform for Knowledge Seekers and Innovator.

When it comes to Rewards, You will be Rewarded on the basis On Relevancy of the Question you asked, The Responsiveness and Upvotes received also matter. Quality content will always be Promoted and Rewarded by Musing Curators.


Asking questions on musing will be beneficial to you in this ways.

• You will learn from the question you asked when it is being answered.

• Others can also learn from the question you asked

• You earn when your question is being upvoted by musing.

Thank you.


I learn from the responses I get and others too will learn.

And I also earn cryptocurrency when it's upvoted.