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Is currently the Right Time to Buy Bitcoin? ?
try to explain whether this is the right time to buy bitcoin and save until the price rises again?

I think it is a pretty decent time to buy some.  Ideally you would have bought some a month or so ago when the price was down around $5000.  I took advantage of that price and I am very happy I did.  

Really, the best thing you can do is setup a plan to average out your buying.  That way you don't have to worry about whether you bought at the right time or not.  As long as you are going to hold onto it for a while and wait for the price to rise, you won't be in a bad position.  

A lot of this is going to be determine by where you live and how much you are going to invest.  For example, lets say you have $300 that you are going to invest.  It might make sense to just take $10 a day and buy some BTC with it.  That way you are averaging your buying over all of the ups and downs of the month.  The problem with that is if you live in someplace like the US that has pretty steep fees through tools like Coinbase, that $10 is probably only going to buy you about $6 worth of BTC.  

The biggest thing you have to remember is you need to hold onto it for the long term and not have any knee jerk reactions and sell it at  the wrong time.  You should set a goal in your head about where you want to see it and how much you would be okay to sell it for.  I am not a financial expert, but that is the best advice I can give you.


At present, the development of the price of bitcoin (BTC) continues to be a matter of conversation among investors because they strongly believe that bitcoin remains a very profitable investment going forward. Even though the price of bitcoin had dropped at a price of $ 3800 per coin at the beginning of 2019, investors remained confident that the price of bitcoin would reach 1 million dollars per coin. So that they make a large amount of investment in bitcoin cryptocurrency lately because they believe that in the future the selling price of bitcoin will rise dramatically.

Now is a very permanent time to buy and store bitcoin in your wallet until the price of bitcoin really soars and you sell it later. Because in the future the selling price of bitcoin is not going down, but instead going up from what you see today. A few weeks ago the price of bitcoin had touched a price of $ 10000, but now the price has dropped to $ 9000 so it is not wrong to say some experienced investors that now is the perfect moment to buy and save bitcoin until the price of bitcoin actually rises drastically later.

The point is that this is a very right moment to buy bitcoin, because in the future the price of bitcoin will soar so that if you want to profit many times from bitcoin sales please trade bitcoin from now on because in the future we never know how high rising prices of this bitcoin. But according to the analysis of some great traders, the price of bitcoin will continue to soar going forward so that now is the perfect moment to buy bitcoin and save it.