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Why should boys always propose to girls?
This depends on social norms within societies. In some places it is fine for a girl to propose to a boy. Much of this is dictated by the social group of which one is a member.

Marriage has existed and started since the Stone Age, as a means to build groups, and organize different groups. Marriage can be defined as the needs of larger groups, transforming foreigners into families.

Until finally marriage becomes an economic and political transaction, which means finding a good male partner is an important investment form for women.

Women are regarded as ownership
It is not a new thing if for centuries, women are treated like property or goods, transferred from family to family during the procession until marriage proposal. In ancient times, married women to settle or pay debts.The origin of men should apply for women

Women are too emotional to choose a partner

Because it tends to be controlled by the heart rather than logic, women are considered too emotional to be trusted to choose a good husband. This is why men are perceived as more rational and level-headed decision makers, as well as those most likely to apply first.

Men as providers of need
Along with the growing

Understanding of marriage because of love, men are regarded as providers of need and women are caregivers, as well as beneficiaries of men's work. Because of this thinking, men generally become leaders in the household while women as household regulator.

The right time for a man to apply for a woman is often tailored to his maturity financially.
Naturally, men should take steps first to act, including applying for women.

Moreover, in general, a higher degree of men and will become a household leader, it takes a man who has the courage and determination to start a commitment. That's why men more often apply to women.
Seriously? I'm reading through these answers and they're mostly stupid.. Sorry, but if a woman wants to marry a man and he hasn't asked yet, it's my opinion that she go ahead and ask. If he says no, that's time less wasted and she can go find someone else who will appreciate that fact that she stepped up and asked for what she wanted in life. Some traditions need to die. Plain and simple.
As i talk about my country india See Indian boys always propose to girls first because Girls are always taught to stay at home and do your work not to fall in love and all other activities so they are use to following things. But boys where never taught about such things so i think boys are more interested in girls.
There is nothing wrong with a woman who falls in love with the man. Everyone has the right to love and be loved according to his desire. It's just that, when a woman fall in love, make sure that while maintaining self-esteem, do not be too obsessed with the love and let's not also chasing after men who loved too.

Basically, the guy is a figure known as the Hunter of love. While the woman, as someone who lived and hunted for waiting. Indeed, this kind of thinking still feels ancient and less acceptable. It's just that, in a relationship many thought-provoking point.

There are some logical reasons why a woman is not supposed to be hunting and chasing after the man he love. In addition considered less ethical or unethical, indirectly this could create a relationship thus feels rigid and likely to disintegrate very large
This is why men decide to apply for their partners:

1. Can take care of body
It's been a long time dating, then more lazy to keep the body and take care of the face because it feels "anyway have this boyfriend". Even until the time of marriage, the main obligation of women to themselves is to maintain good health and care for himself. Caring for yourself can be applied differently by every woman. But essentially, since the time of the kingdom, in the state of any part, it has become natural that women are expected to always clean, fragrant, neat and appear well maintained. A man's question then, if he himself can not take care of himself, how can he take care of his partner?

2. Can be any partner in marriage.
Sometimes women want to act only as lovers who are pampered and cared for, without thinking that he needs to act as a flexible figure in relationships. In this case, men not only need women as partners in lovers relationships, but also can allocate time to think when your partner vent about the solution needed in the job, follow-up solutions, or become a partner learning, partner work, can play a role as brother , mother or parent. The point is to be this partner rather than follow wherever he goes, but contribute in providing solutions when men are facing a job problem or whatever.

3. Men are given responsible freedom
Boys are boys even when they are married. The point is that men basically love to play and hang out with their friends. Therefore, give time or opportunity for him to play according to his hobby and gathered with friends who can of course you believe and he can also account for his activities.

4. Can make a couple feel comfortable and be yourself
Maybe you feel that you want to help your spouse change for the better at any time. However, there is no need to give criticism at all times so instead make a couple afraid to show yourself who is actually in front of you. Convey feedback or criticism in an orderly and fun way to be heard.

5. Can accept the difference.
Remember, the bottom of marriage is love. Love is created by God Almighty to reject the difference. Love breaks down the physiological and psychological differences between you and your partner. When you are considered to be able to accept your partner is definitely different from you, surely your partner does not hesitate to make you as a complement to his missing ribs.
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In my opinion i feel the guys should be the ones to propose to ladies because they are the MEN in the relationship and it's their job to chase after us and not the other way round and as such they should be the one to propose.

Although in some society, they view proposal quite differently but I feel the right way is for the guys to propose instead
So, if that answer I just gave wasn't stated clearly enough, my answer is that boys should *not* always propose to girls. And why? Because women should not be expected to sit around and wait for happiness to fall into their laps just because they're female.
Before the wedding, the couple held the men and women who already love weaves through time will surely apply. Generally, the men who will be applying for a woman he loves. This is a moment of thrilling and often, surprise

The history of marriage
The wedding was and started since the stone age, as a means to build up groups, as well as organizing different groups. Marriage could be interpreted as the needs of larger groups, turning strangers into family.

Until the end of the wedding into economic and political transactions, meaning, find a couple of good men is an important form of investment for women. It was only in the 18th century, marriage is based on the couples who love each other.

Women are considered as ownership
Already not new anymore if for centuries, women were treated as property or goods, moved from one family to another family when a cover until the wedding procession takes place. In ancient times, women married to complete or pay debts.
Women are too emotional to choose a mate
Because it tends to be controlled by the heart than logic, the woman was considered too emotional to believed to choose a good husband. This is why the man considered as the decision maker is more rational and cool-headed, as well as the party most likely to apply in advance.

Man as the provider needs
Along with the development of the notion of marriage for love, the man regarded as the provider needs and women are caretakers, as well as the beneficiaries of the work of men. Because of this, men are generally thought to be the leader in the household while women as managers of the household. The time is right for men apply for a woman is often adapted to the single being financially.

Naturally, the guy was indeed supposed to be taking steps in advance to act, including applying for a woman. As in traditional Javanese woman, indeed it is recommended not to ' ngebet ' married because it is not considered polite and customary norms and violating as a woman.

Moreover, in General, degree men is higher and will be the leaders of the household, it takes a man who had the courage and the determination to start a commitment. That's why men are more often apply for women than vice versa
I don't think this is a norm. It depends on the society or couple in questions. There have been cases where the girl proposed to the boy and things went beautifully from there.

Men as providers of needs

Along with the growing understanding of marriage because of love, men are considered as providers of needs qand women are carers, as well as benefqiciaries of the man's work. Because of this, the right time for a man to apply for a woman is often adjusted to his financial maturity.

Modern wedding difficulties

Yes, a man knows he loves his partner very much, expressively emotionally, and wants to get married. Unfortunately, many men now choose not to be bound.

Meanwhile, cultural pressure for women makes him very much want to be proposed. In fact, the norm for applying in modern society has shifted a lot.q