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Are there any practical instances where you have realized the existence of God?
There can be multiple instances where you would have realized the existence of God. Please share your interesting experiences.
Yes. In the first place, Gen. 1:1 says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, which means God exists. And if there is an argument about that, who else did?. For example human beings that exists, without God, how did they come into existence? That is another instance. The Bible says God is the Omnipotent,omnipresent and Omniscient, no one else has been called such. The parts of human body and their functions, how did it come about?, There are many mysteries on earth that proves that God exist and I believe because the word of God is true. In my personal life encounter, many wonders of God via divine revelations and inspiration has proven to me that God truly exist.

There are many instances nd experiences that have made me to believe there is a God out there and narrating them here will just be impossible. I can almost write a book on them but one that i cherish most is when i first truly encountered God. I was a church goer back then but deep inside i felt nothing and really had no deep connection to God. I still struggled with a lot of things that i knew were not healthy for a true christian. Everytime, I tries by my will power to abandon them but after a shortwhile return to them. I needed help to be able to do it...

It was one evening and as i was going through the TV channels, I came to a christian channel that was exhorting on a message of if you are ready to meet the Lord. Deep down i knew i wasn't ready and it dawned on me that i needed to make myself ready and how was i to do that?

Go to God so that he could help me. So i prayed to God and asked him to help me and to show me the way. The next morning, my friend came visiting and started sharing with me a portion of scripture on becoming born again and from scripture i realized i wasn't born again. So, i was more drawn to the message and he took me to his pastor who again really talked to me again from scriptures and what it took to be born again. I could not understand it but that moment, it was like the first time i ever heard the gospel preached to me and it was so true and correct. I believed it and was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and ever since my life has been an experiece of the supernatural.

The great testimonies i've had since coming to christ. Answered prayers, spiritual direction, grace, blessings etc. The events surrounding my becoming born again just shows me that he exists and is real. Me getting to that channel, praying that night and my friend coming the next day to answer my prayer, it's no coincidence but the manifestation and work of a God who answers prayers.