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Have you ever tried to quit smoking and it worked?

Yes. I used to be a pack-a-day smoker for 10 years, but I have now been smoke-free for 6 years and almost 8 months now. 

I've been trying to quit almost a year after I started smoking, but for almost 9 years, my efforts have failed. The reason was because I was trying to go about it the wrong way. 

Smoking is NOT a habit that you can just learn or unlearn. It is an addiction, and the only way to successfully stop smoking is to treat it like an addiction. This means treating both the chemical and physical effects of the nicotine addiction, and then following it up with counseling and a lot of introspection. And believe it or not, as far as addictions go, smoking is actually one of the easier ones to overcome.

Treating smoking like a habit is like setting yourself up for failure. That's why a lot of people fail and have a hard time quitting. I had a hard time quitting for 9 years, too because I treated my smoking like a habit and tried quitting that way. But, once I changed my perspective and realized smoking for what it is, things turned around and quitting became the easiest thing to do. I haven't had a craving since I quit, and I'm even back to my pre-smoking days and find the smell of cigarette smoke revolting.

I actually just wrote about this and my story here on Musing.io. You can read it here: https://steempeak.com/life/@cryptocopy/p3l5u47tx

So, yes. I have tried to quit smoking, and it worked. I have been smoke-free for 6 years and 8 months, now. And I have not had a craving or even thought about smoking since the first week that I quit. 


I have a different point of view. Smoking is a habit. And it imprint in the memory for as long as the person lives. One can STOP smoking, but they can never quit. It's like you write a dot on a piece of white paper, the dot is a stain there forever. You can rub it off, you can try to peel it off from there, somehow or rather, the "stain" is there. You can stop looking at the black spot, but it's there.

I work in insurance company. And insurance operate in the basis of trust. You can submit your insurance proposal saying that you're not a smoker because you "quit" smoking for twenty years, thinking to pay a lower premium and still get cover in case anything happen to your lungs? In the event of claim incurred, assessor or investigator will be able to pull out your medical record, found you're an ex-smoker, you may still get declined from making a claim due to breach of trust.

Its not difficult to stop smoking. Change the bunch of smoker friends. Try to stay within the non smoking and supportive family group. Inform them you want to stop smoking. Those who say you can't, ditch them. They're the absolute material of bad friend that couldn't encourage you to take the step.

For the people who finds it difficult and keep going back to smoke over and over again, because they "think" they've "quit" smoking. When they got boring, the "quit" comes back and haunt them. After meal, searching for that extra "activity" to smoke like a chimney. Sitting next to a smoker, and refrain from smoking is a torture to an ex-smoker. Stay away from them.


I am an active smoker

I know cigarettes are one item that is very dangerous for health, I can't stop smoking.

some of the ways I did began to distance myself from cigarettes

chew gum, But that can't make me become a person who stops smoking

the toughest challenge is the inability to resist when there is such a severe desire to smoke.

I really want to stop, but it doesn't work