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Is there a question / answer criteria for getting upvote in musing.io?

Musing have a Google Sheet detailing their Curation Guidelines as well as Post Guidelines in order for one to know What makes a good quality question and answer. You can read the Guidelines in here:


For the Upvote Weight, it's mostly based on the curators curating your question/answer. But a good, clear, concise, direct to the point and a decent-to-exceptional grammar with few typos are strongly encouraged.


I believe this question would have been answered before. I will try my best to answer again.

Good quality questions that catches the eyes of anyone is what is required. Questions like **what do you like to eat**, **what is your favourite application** are not quality questions. A question like, How will HF20 be of advantage to quality writers is better and appreciated.

That is the kind of question that tend to get upvoted.

Now to the answers. Users should endeavour that the answer given address the question. An in-depth reply to the question is appreciated because it is sure that it fully explains what the user asked. Good grammar and correct spellings should be used when answering questions too.

When you follow this, the chance of getting upvoted is high.



You can click on the link above to know the citation guidelines of musing.

And what gives you upvote on musing determine on the kind of question you ask and the type of answer you give to a question. What give you upvote is not how long your answer is but how meaning and impactful your answer that is quality and not quantity helps you get upvote. And the amount you get from an upvote depends on who is upvoting you.

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