How often do you play with nature?

Every single chance I get. The past three years, until very recently, I was working a job at a helical pile company that allowed me to play with dirt quite a bit. Although not ideal, it at least let me dig at times and do some building. A large part of the job involved supervising piles being driven and installing solar racking, but I was grateful for every moment I got to dig in the dirt by hand. Especially when we were given the tasks of making the more maintained properties "back to par". It was everyone else's least favorite part of the job- although it was my favorite. 

Even before that, I tried to work outdoors as much as possible. Before the construction job, I found what I was best at to be working in kitchens. Given the nature of the job, it's also a job in which it's very easy to find work and places are always hiring. 

However, I would always try to find alternatives as much as possible that let me get outside. I spent many summers in high school as a landscaper. In between my kitchen jobs, I would often find myself doing landscaping. I honestly hated the woman I landscaped for; she was literally the worst boss I've ever had. She was a nice woman and a family friend, but an absolutely horrible boss. Anyway, despite that, I still found myself working for her quite often, just to get outdoors. 

I've gotten other cool opportunities to work outside and I always take them, regardless of pay. I painted fences for awhile, built a few trails, and maintained a large hemp farm. I even got the opportunity years ago to be a property manager for a nicer home in the area. This doesn't seem like a big deal but as a broke young 20's guy with no equipment of my own I was certainly grateful for the opportunity. 

Work aside I try to get out and play with nature as much as possible. It's my favorite thing to do. Recently I moved from the city to the mountains and have been enjoying every moment of it. There is a mountain with endless hiking opportunities nearby. There's a brook behind the house that my room mate and I have been rearranging rocks in to create some cool waterfalls/pools. We've been helping a friend build mountain biking trails/jumps behind his house. We've also been clearing paths in the woods behind the house for snowboarding once the winter comes around. 

I've been really really trying to get back in touch with nature as much as possible lately. In a few weeks I'm setting off on a cross country trip with my dog and am planning on spending almost the entire time in nature. Hotel rooms will be a rare occasion for us so this will be pretty easy. I imagine we're going to be doing A LOT of camping/hiking. And I'm really excited(I'm pretty sure the dog is too)

What about you?


I play with nature every second of my life. Everytime I breath in and out it's nature. Everytime I ate food that's definitely provided by nature or mother Earth.

Nature is not just about mountains, rivers, seas, forest, glaciers and undersea even towering buildings and other man made structure is called nature.

Therefore, as long as you live in Earth's surface you're playing with nature.


It is something I do almost every morning. Whenever I wake up, I will observe the beautiful sky and feel the lovely breeze. I wish there was a stream of water where I could just sit beside every morning to meditate.

Playing with nature is something almost everyone does and I really love doing this every morning.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.