What is the difference between developed and developing countries?

The classification by United Nations of Nations into Developing and Developed was based on indeces reflecting the standard of well being of a citizen in a nation.

The DEVELOPED nations are those whose citizens have access to the most necessary resources to live optimum life in moderate comfort like portable water, electric power, convenient means of transportation, adequate health infrastructure, access to education etc.

Such nations are characteised by high per capita GDP, low crime rates, high standard of living and average life expectancy of more than 70 years!!

On the Contrary, the DEVELOPING World are embodiment of the opposite of the Developed .

Average citizen here have no access to basic necessities of life like water , health and education facilities. Housing is also inadequate in every dimension. Citizens here barely eke out subsistence living!!

The society here may be characteised by Crimes of every kind, poor and sickly population and very low life expectancy, usaually below 60 years. Leaders here are mostly Dictators or pseudo Democrats.

Geographically , most of the Developed Nations are in Europe and America, while the Developing are mainly found in Asia and Africa.

Is your Nation Developing or Developed??