Have you ever been a victim of misjudgement? If yes how did you overcome it?

Yes, and I believe am not alone. I have misjudged severally on occasions relating to daily routines, work and even relationships with people.

I believe the most significant is when dealing with people because it is one case that cannot be corrected easily. Trust issues stick out for me in this regard.

When I judge someone too kindly and am disappointed by their actions or behaviors, I tend to correct this on an individual basis by reducing my relationship with that individual. It is particularly difficult because it will be unfair to judge one person based on the wrong doings of another.

However, when I misjudge too harshly and am proven wrong, I immediately take action to improve my level of trust with such a person and quite willingly give trusted individuals a chance.

I hope this helps


@Ramela, If not all, then in my opinion most of the people faced this situation, in my opinion there is an simple answer for this and that is, we can only correct what is going on in our mind and we cannot change anyone's thoughts, so we have to love ourselves and have to hold the self respect no matter who judge us in which way. At the end of the day we are individuals and unique and at least we have to back ourselves. Stay blessed. 🙂


Misjudgement is common in our society and many people do actually feel so hurt when they are wrongly judged...

I have also had my own pie of misjudgement whereby many people misjudged me and felt i am a very arrogant person,they mistook my self-confidence for arrogance,most of them are used to those who do not have confidence in themselves so when they see me and when i display my self-confidence and self-worth,they tend to think i sound and act arrogant,i would blame it on the ignorance of those individuals.....

How did i overcome misjudgement??i overcame by creating a mindset that "i am responsible for what i say or i do,and you are responsible for how you interprete my words and my actions""

This mindset help me to be able to get less hurt and bothered when people actually misjudged me and trust me it worked for me...