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Are you aware of Online Phishing? What can you say about Phishing in the crypto world?

Yeah i am totally aware of it and i have experienced it before and it was a very sad event,what actually happened was that my bitcoin was stolen when someone hacked into my bitcoin wallet through the help of a phishing attacks....

The attacker initially sent me an email which perfectly looked genuine and made the email to look like it was from coinbase,coinbase was the online wallet service which i often use to store my bitcoins....

the emails contained a website link where i was asked to enter my bitcoin wallet details including my passwords,in the email it said my bitcoin wallet was compromised and that i have to update it by clicking the links sent to me through the email..the email states that my refusal to do that will make me loose my bitcoin,i was scared so i quickly clicked the link and entered my details,,little did i know that it was a phishing link....my account details was stolen and i lost all my bitcoins,,it was a painful moment of my life when it happened some years ago.....

So yeah phishing in the crypto world actually exists....and there should be alot of sensitization concerning how users can secure their crypto wallets from criminals....

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Yes, I am aware of it and here is some advise.

Don't ever share your private key/mnemonics with anyone.

If you receive email/sms asking you for your private key. Scam!

You need to input your private key to claim airdrop. Scam!

Unsolicited Wallet email asking you to enter private key. Scam!

You receive memo on your steemit account to enter your key. Scam!