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How did you get the initial funds for crypto investment?

Like most Steemians who got their introduction to cryptocurrencies with the Steem blockchain, the initial funds for my crypto investments came from Steemit Inc. when then sponsored the account creation fee for my Steem Account. 

I admit, prior to opening my Steem Account using Steemit Inc.'s sign-up process, my knowledge about cryptocurrencies was limited to Bitcoin and what the news reports said about it. So, when I cam across Steemit a few months ago and found out that it gives individuals the chance to earn cryptocurrencies by blogging, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get in the crypto game without risking my own funds. 

So, my initial crypto funds therefore came from Steemit Inc. itself. After that, I was able to grow my finds simply by participating in the Steem blockchain, first through blogging in Steemit.com, then later on by contributing through DApps like Steemhunt.com and Musing.io. Although, to be frank, most of my "investments" were made possible by answering questions here at Musing.io.

I understand that if you're going to be strict with the question, I never really invested any of my own "funds" into crypto. Nonetheless, the Steem Blockchain's unique structure--its ability to continuously create new tokens that it could use to reward the many stakeholders in the blockchain--has allowed me to work for these funds through my contribution as a content creator and curator. And if you consider the old adage "Time is money", then you could say that my initial funds came from the time I spend on the Steem Blockchain. (It sounds corny, but it's true.)

This is actually one of the many reasons why I believe the Steem Blockchain and the STEEM cryptocurrency could potentially be one of the top blockchains and cryptocurrencies in the future--because it could be a gateway coin for those who want to explore cryptocurrencies, without financial risks--and you can't say that about Bitcoin. I mean, I know I was hesitant about cryptocurrencies before, even when Bitcoin's price was on the rise, but I didn't want to risk my money and my time on something that I had no clue about. Thankfully, I didn't have to. Because unlike Bitcoin, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies out there, you can invest in STEEM and keep investing in it without actually spending your own money. And this, for me, makes the STEEM cryptocurrency and the Steem Blockchain the best place to spend your initial days and funds on the crypto world.

Hope this helps.


Family. i got 120 Euro to start with. The account has grown since then and is now worth less than what got invested. 

I have gained experience and although the value of the crypto I hold now is lower than the purchase price which was above 4.54 USD The amount held has more than quadrupled. Looking at the value in USD it appears on the surface as a raw deal, Looking underneath at the potential You can see a greater reward than loss. For Steem to rise to a dollar again would mean I am back in the green. Reaching higher is bonus on top.

At the very start I played poker freerolls to gain some crypto, I cashed out some of this and sold more as an investment which brought me over to Steemit. Since then, I have built our initial investment from approx 80 Steem to almost 400 in total.

In total investment to Steem would be about 200-240 USD. The value of holdings now is just under 200 USD. Working on increasing this though so when the value goes up so will our vote reward.


Every crypto that I own is from a year of active participation to the Steem blockchain and it's probably the same with the majority of Steemians.

Initially, I'm not familiar with cryptocurrencies and the only reason that I joined this platform is for me to learn more about it. In addition, I was also fascinated with the idea that I can earn crypto through content creation. Although it was intriguing and it gave me a little doubt about it, I still manage to find my way into the ways of Steemit. And because of that I became active in my posting and invested my time on it.


Well I entered in the crypto world I was not really into it very much but as soon as I got into Steemit.com I was able to get a lot more about how all the things works.

As for the start of investment it was before  getting in Steemit.com. The amount probably was around 50 USD as I was not aware of the USD pairing against my countries currency but as of now I get to get the idea of it clearly. Well it did cam out pretty handy by the way and I was able to get some profit out of it as well. But I had no idea what I was doing over there as all the consultation was done to me by a friend of mine.

While the money that was invested was from my monthly salary. As after my joining in Steem Blockchain I invested quite a lot in small denominations over the time but all of them was indeed worth it. 


Oh yes, it should be noted that so far I have only been trading on the forex market.

I get funds for investment / trading in the forex world from my job salary. In short, I always save a portion of my salary until the target funds are collected which I will make an investment.

Even so, I still prepared a number of funds to get ready about the worst thing that would happen.


It's arround $5,000.


I earned them. I started crypto investment with steemit. I earned a substantial amount and went ahead to invest in other forms of cryptocurrencies.


I had some small savings which i used to get going. It is money I can afford to lose as it is like gambling.

I am always very cautious with money and would never use money that I couldn't afford to lose. If it makes money then that is great and at the same time if it drops that is fine to.

Too many people invest money that should be kept safe and not in the crypto world. They are trying to make huge profits and normally end up losing life savings.


I saved up money and learned about crypto while I gather the funds. I worked part time jobs and saved a portion from my allowance. It's just pure speculation that I'd get profit from the venture but I wanted to take risks and that's how I got into crypto.  Bitcoin was the first and then I moved my investments on steem blockchain.