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In your opinion which is more important-- loyalty to a nationality or loyalty to the human race ?

We do not have loyalty , or loyalty to nationality is not possible if the human race has been wiped out , take for such a scenario for example if let's say I am a citizen of the united states and there is famine and hunger in the whole world and my country has the solution or the food to cure the famine however they are it and selling and hoarding it to the biggest bidder in other to take advantage of the situation however I did find out that England is willing to have the solution to the famine and Willing to share it equally to the rest of the whole world, will it be responsible for me to actually support my country whose action will definitely terminate the human race ? Or going with england which is not my nationality but have the sole aim of saving the world?

In this situation choosing to be loyal to my nation which is united states may bring an end to the human race however if I pick to be loyal to England, this means total disloyalty to my country of nationality however I may end up saving the human race with just the singularity of my action , so if you ask me I will definitely choose the letter because I will be justified, have you heard of the greater good ? The greater good means sacrificing something in order to achieve something better so if I am to be known as a traitor in my country but actually recognise that the saviour of the world which would I choose to be ?

Apart from the fact that it is logical, moral , justifiable and humane it will be the right decision the human race comes first despite colour, race, ethnicity or continent and I believe there will be no one to show loyalty to if the whole world goes into extinction so I believe everyone in life should have loyalty first to the human race , because in the days of the early men there were nothing like nationalities and boundaries instead all we had was just a group of people founded by the fact that they share humanity, the reason why we have racism these days is because people place the reality and priority to skin colour or accent or even nationality before the human race so I think human beings must eradicate boundaries which was artificially pleased by by their selfish interest or by their racist tendencies , not originally existing. So actually loyalty to the human race matters so much and this kind of mindset will definitely save the world one day while the former will eventually destroy it


There are many complications to a solution to a global human race as opposed to a national race.

My own opinion is that we all evolved from one common species, We might have changed some characteristics through living in different environments. There are slight adaptive differences between us. Nations were they get more sun have a darker complexion and paler where they get less. This is just one visual example, Height too, different global locations have a different average height. In Mongolia the bone structure of the upper lip and nose is different to enable to take more oxygen as the oxygen at that elevation is thinner.

Not just the human body but all animals evolve to get the best they can from their environment.

The only reason we do not have this life. One were we all look out for each other is the corruption at higher levels, This is true for every nation. Behind the veil of politics are corrupt beat pulls the strings of economy's to benefit themselves

Removing borders without a structure in place to support a new population would be disastrous and of no benefit to anyone. If, we can come together as a people we can reverse this trend and open the doors to a free world were we all have an equal standing to build from.

To me loyalty to everyone is better then a loyalty to just one nation that may not have the best interests of the people in mind. 


I don't care if people will say I am not patriotic. What's the use if there is no peace? So much loyalty to your country causes divisions of humankind. That's why racism or discrimination exists. That can also be the root cause of wars. We're all created equal regardless of what are nationality is. We're one human race, and that's where my loyalty belongs to.


I think we have to look past nationalities and skin color. We are all in this together and should be loyal and support each other no matter where they are from.

Some nations only care about themselves and not about the greater good of humanity. If we can get past this then we are on the right track as a human race. 


Loyalty to the human race is so much better than just the nationality. But the human race is full of diversity that you can't really be loyal when we are destroying the environment from which we get our sustenance. Why not be loyal to mother Earth instead? Let's all be Earth warriors! Let's save the world from pollution!

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