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Would you ever consider sacrificing your privacy for safety?

Of cause yes. As far as I care, security is more important than privacy. if one is secure, there is almost no need for privacy.

I am practically doing that now, the hostel where I live invades my privacy. They can come into the room any time, they got strict rules and freedom is limited but then security is tight and I am ok with that.


Well for starters there's no point in having privacy when your life is on the line. I mean if you die then you'll basically never get a chance to enjoy privacy in this world again so yes, I would exchange my privacy for security any day anytime.

I mean life is precious and as long as you still draw breath then anything is possible. There's no point endangering yourself so that you can get a little alone time with yourself, the will for self preservation is something that every living thing has and if push comes to shove then I think most people will choose security over privacy.

I hope this helps.


Yeah, if I deem it necessary. For instance where I live currently does not guarantee me 100% privacy as I share kitchen with two other flatmates.

But one thing is guaranteed, my security and peace of mind. The environment is peaceful, we have an employed security personnel both at the major entrance and at the entrance of the compound. However, God is the ultimate security.

Both in circumstances where I have to choose between privacy and security, I'll go with security though not in all cases.

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I think this is a tradeoff we have been making unconsciously for the past decade or so. Tech companies and government have for long invaded our privacy and for genuine reasons. One of which is security. So you can say that privacy is an illusion.

However, there has been abused. Many big organisations have used out private information of their customers to make more money without them being aware. A typical example would be Facebook.

So to question about trading privacy for security, I will willingly give up my privacy for security. What's privacy without secret? And the reality is some one is still going to try to steal your data anyways if it is valuable. So why not forgo that for security?