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Why does the question in musing.io not get an upvote, is this fair?
I have seen a lot of questions on the musing.io platform but I don't see everything getting upvote. On the contrary, all answers get extraordinary curation. Tell me, what's up

Well that not true. Musing also upvote the questions and answers too.

I have also submitted few question and some the those got upvote.

However, Musing team is not upvoting each and every question or answer, they analyse these questions and answers according to their merit and upvote accordingly. 

Decent and educational questions got good upvote whereas, repeated questions may not got an upvote. Following poits should be considered before asking the question.

Question should be relevant.

Avoid asking repeated question.

Question asked should be clear and properly described.


Not every question is worthy of an upvote in my opinion. Some questions get great answers and if the person posting the question honestly wants the question answered than the value is in the knowledge gained.


Well I think it's kind of fair

Not in the sense that questions was not been upvoted

To be clear questions was being upvoted, its just that most of the upvoted was coming from the answers Why?

Maybe it was because answers are more worthy for curation. We all know that in steemit curation trails work under the good quality contents and most of the questions don't fall on that distinction

It was really hard to make that good quality contents in a single sentence question.

But let's not be jealous if our post was not being upvoted, let's look on the brighter side answers to our questions was being upvoted isn't it better than not having anything at all

So I thing it make sense why our questions was not being upvoted, answers have more quality than questions. It's a challenge for us to make this good quality content of questions to be upvoted


There are many questions that get upvotes but what will make a question to get upvotes will be determined by the quality of the question and how meaningful it is,a

user should not expect a meaningless question to get an upvote from the curators on musing.io,also and i believe that the curators on this platform upvote

contents based on good quality so if your questions are of good quality and they are very educational or informative or thought provoking then that could make

it get an upvote,but you need to also understand that what will make us enjoy this platform is when we first of all have a mindset that this platform is a place to gain

and share knowledge from/with others,the rewards given to us on this platform should be like an added bonus which makes this platform wonderful...