Is there any other projects like minnowsupport? Or any other free voting services?
I am new at Steemit. And struggling to find out the helpful services to grow on steemit. You information will be a real helpful one to me.

Coming to steem blockchain newly, I was also looking for more services like minnowsupport. For you to grow on the blockchain, you need to look beyond minnowsupport. While they are doing a great job at giving newcomers going and motivating them with upvotes, but those upvotes don't amount to much if you ask me.

I will advise you sharpen your writing skills and target the guidelines of community like curie, steemstem, steemiteducation and others. They are others I can't remember now. Read their guidelines and how to be eligible for their upvotes. They don't automatically give 'free' upvotes like minnowsupport but you will get a 'tangible' upvotes if your posts are good enough.

Another alternative is to create your contents on dApp like musing, Steemhunt, steempress, dTube and others. These dApps have huge delegations and will definitely give upvotes if your posts are good, catch their attention or rank well on their app. Master those any of these dApps and you will grow on steem blockchain.

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I would like to recommend voting @steemhq.witness for witness. Besides their free upvotes, they will pay some Steem monthly to the people, who voted them for witness.

Read more:  I voted @steemhq.witness for witness.

Edit: There is more. If you use Busy.org (https://busy.org/i/@xplosive), you can get upvotes from them as well by using the "busy" tag.

Good luck!