Do you think marriage is necessary in life? if yes, what makes it necessary?
Some people are arguing that society is the reason why so many people are compelled to get married. That people get married because they want to fit into the society and want to avoid being looked down on. Do you think this analogy is correct?

That's a big part of it. Also, marriage is a legal framework the purpose of which is to increase the financial security of that parent (nearly always the mother) who stays at home to take care of the children. Community property means that at the time of divorce or the death of one the spouses, their net wealth is split 50/50. Alimony may be ordered to be paid by to higher earning spouse to the lower earning one for a period of time or for life. The husband of a married woman is assumed to be the father of children born to a married woman during the marriage. Widows and widowers get paid pension on top of their own. But marriage is also an age-old custom and sought after women in particular because their financial standing is usually more secure and their sense of self-worth higher when married. 

Marriage is the traditional and legal foundation of the family. If forming a family is one of your life goals, then marriage is often a natural step to take.


I don't think marriage is important. Marriage was a man's invention to have some control over his property and his wife. In the heights of Tibet, for example, there is a matriarchal society called the Mosuo where there is no marriage and therefore no divorce. In other words, there are societies where marriage is not a prerequisite for living as a couple. 

If we review the history of our ancestors, we will surely find that marriage was not part of the fundamental things of life, such as eating, having a house, having company. If two people love each other, the signing of a paper cannot be a requirement for them to make life together, even that they can form a family or procreate. Marriage does not guarantee anything, not even happiness!  

In our society, more and more countries are legalizing other forms of cohabitation, indicating that marriage has been relegated to the background. Likewise, if we see that the number of divorces increases every day and the amount of paperwork you must do to be able to achieve your freedom again, surely more than one will not want to marry.

I know many couples who have had years of happy courtship and when they get married do not last even a year and get divorced. Maybe the feeling that the other person already belongs to you, takes a little magic out of the relationship! Marriage is like setting rules for love and loving is free without chains or condition.



Marriage is the ultimate form of expression of commitment to a person you cherish. I myself has heard so many people say marriage is not necessary that two people can love each other, live together and raise a family without getting married and they will still be happy. One thing that most of such people are misconstruing about marriage is that, they think it's the ceremony that makes it marriage.

Marriage is the decision two people take to spend the rest of their lives together and build a family of their own. The ceremony is just to give such decision a legal or customary backing depending on the part of the world such individuals are located. Marriage is the pledge of life time commitment two people make to each other whether there's a ceremony or not.

Marriage is not only necessary for providing man true companionship and security, it's also the foundation of the family. Someone once said that "a society will be as safe and secure as the families in it and a family will be as safe, secure and healthy as the relationship (marriage) of the parents". This statement is very true.

The family is the smallest unit of the society and without a functional family unit, the society will be at risk and marriage is the only stable environment that can guarantee a functional family unit. No other environment is suitable to raise a child than one where the parents are committed to each other and have a loving bond between them.

Marriage is necessary to man. It's benefits are numerous that without it man cannot attain complete satisfaction in life. The society is not the reason why marriage is necessary but the usefulness of marriage to man's existence, development and comfort is the reason why marriage is necessary.

Marriage is not outdated, neither is it archaic; it's very useful to man and should be held in high esteem. I just hope that you can get the point that I'm trying to pass across.

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Okay, I have to answer this again. No marriage is not necessary any more. In these days marriage seems to be like a relic from days bygone to put it friendly. Some people argue that a couple can only commit to each other by the act of marriage. That is definitely not true. You an commit as good to your partner without the act of marriage or having a certificate which states that you are married. Mostly those who argue in that way see people simply living together as kind of inferior lifeforms so it seems. People who live together should have the same rights as married people. And governments need to stop incentives for married people. If a couple wants to live together that should be an absolute personal decision. The state or any other institution must not interfere. And yes it is my opinion that people are conditioned into thinking that they have to marry at some point in their lives because one has to do it that way, There are those typical questions to unmarried people ‘why are you not married yet’ or ‘don’t you want to marry dear’ often regardless of the fact that they have a partner with whom they live happily. It is nothing than tradition followed blindly and it is a great deal of idealizing a lifeform or seeing it as superior. However there is no guarantee that a marriage lasts and is happy, neither is there a guarantee for people who live together without marriage.  The act of marriage is like taking ownership of another person. Yes, that is archaic. I see no need for that. Who still wants to get married...fine. It is up to each and every one. But really...stop idealizing it and consider other lifeforms as well. No matter if it is a woman and a man, two men or two women who decide to share their lives, the only thing of importance is that they love each other. 


I personally enjoy being able to say that I am married but I don't think that is the best thing about being married, and not by a longshot.

The best thing about marriage for me is the constant feedback I get by living with someone who I love and made a commitment to.

Some of the feedback I received was initially hard to accept at first, but it eventually taught me the things I can and should change about myself, and it also proved that there are certain things inherent in my personality that I should not try to change.

In essence, I discovered who I was first-hand by being married, became a better person and discovered my own limitations as a human being. 

Was it necessary?

ABSOLUTELY! It would have been really hard to learn these things if I was single, and next to impossible to learn them in the same amount of time that I did. 

The necessity of marriage comes from the life experience a person can gain by being married.


- I am personality type: ENFP


- I have been married to @emaferice since March 5, 2010 and we have one son together, @zaclucasrice.


 In my point of view, I think it's important because as the passes of time we need a true life partner that helps you in every situation of life and you feel more secure when they with you. So think it's nessecery having a loving partner. Marriage is important in every person of life and this is the most beautiful relation in this world with husband and wife.

A true relation is needed in everyone's life because they treat you as well as you want to. Marriage is important because of the only one relation that always with you if you are the most loving person. Every relation wants to care and love, So we should maintain our relation by giving loves.  

 In both men's and women, it's a pretty relation that leads to in the bright future. If you properly settle down in your life so then we should decide to be a married person in life. A successful person can survive happily in this world with a wife.  


Depends. If, as a religious person, I were asked if it is necessary to marry in life, I would say yes, because it is supposed that one of the purposes in life is to procreate, and for that one has to marry.

What's the matter? that people are now worth little if you have to get married to have children. So if you ask me again, I'd say it doesn't matter. All in all, it would be just a piece of paper. We can all love without it.

And it is true, society tends to look badly at women or men who have no partners or who are not married, asking the typical questions of: And for when the couple? something that somewhat uncomfortable.

Of course, as a person I consider marriage as a way to secure your assets with your partner and avoid the silly comments of society.


I think marriage is very important.

Married status provides certainty for a partner to make a commitment to build a family.

Getting married gives a sense of comfort to men and women. Men will be responsible for providing comfort for the family. Make money to finance family expenses. Give love to his wife. Likewise with the woman, she will get the status of a mother in charge of helping her husband in managing a family.

Getting married gives a clear status for the child. Children are the most beautiful gift from God. Parents should provide comfort and protection for the child. Getting married makes children's status clearer than not getting married.

Getting married will form a harmonious family.


from a christian perspective , dating back  to Adam and Eve, that's where the whole idea of man and woman came about, with the blessing of the lord to reproduce and multiply. So in this case, marriage is necessary as the Lord blessed it  .

speaking far from christian perspective, Society has made marriage seem like a do or die affair, hence making people believe that we are compelled to get married otherwise you are not regarded as successful or rather one who has achieved something, especially in African communities, i can't speak much for others.

 You might have the greatest job , be successful in all ramifications but if you have all that and no family  or a partner in marriage then its all considered  as partial achievement. 


No it is not necessary. You do not need a marriage certificate to live with the person you love. Such a thing is an entirely personal decision. Nothing makes the act of marriage necessary in any way. And on top of that without a big wedding you save a lot of money you and your partner could put to better use elsewhere.

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marriage is something that is very sacred and as much as possible done once a lifetime. Marriage is highly recommended to be carried out so that by marrying the person can improve life, because they can give and accept each other's shortcomings and strengths where each partner can have the opportunity to develop themselves to become more mature and mature.

Basically the creature was created to live together in pairs, and this can be realized through a marriage because the marriage can free from a limit that should not be done by a couple before marriage. In a marriage, a husband and wife must have a good communication because communication can know each other's circumstances. because until whenever life people need to be loved and loved.

Many things can be reasons or considerations before someone to get married. The first and second reasons usually involve the compatibility and mutual understanding between partners. The second is usually more towards the future emotions of love.



In all honesty talking marriage is simply social customs and legitimate subjugation between two to keep them binded together regardless of their bliss.

Marriage is chiefly utilized for recreational purposes to proceed with family and society.

To be perfectly honest not very many families truly think for bliss of their child or little girl while choosing for marriage.

On the off chance that you are glad without anyone else and you can deal with your sexual life effortlessly then you needn't bother with marriage.

In the event that you can't live alone and you require somebody generally during the evening to do sex then you ought to do marriage.

Marriage itself give nothing aside responsibility and compromise


Marriage is very important, there is a need for a man and a woman to be legaly join together as husband and wife .... So many reason are behind this ...

# Children

We were given birth to by our parent so there is a need for us to also give birth to young ones and it is uncalled for to give birth to a child out of wedlock. Really really bad. Which is why it is necessary to get married...


God created women from the rib of a woman so she can support him and make him happy. So everyone needs a partner ..

And also if people just started living with 3achother without any rites, it is possible they will dump each other later since there is no vow binding them together. But if they did marriage. It won't be possible. Court marriage allow a husband to marry only one wife same with Christian marriage ...