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How do you come up with ideas to create a great post?
It is important to make quality posts on a consistent basis. So what do you do to get the idea to make a post and make it a great one?

How To: Ideas for Consistent Content Creation

While there are plenty of strategies for writing, publishing, & marketing good content * check out my 7 Days to a Better Steemit Blog post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@stevecronin/7-days-to-a-better-steemit-blog * generating ideas is another beast all together.

I've been making content on YouTube since 2008 and blogging (on and off) since 2001, here are some methods I use for generating ideas.

1. Mental Occupations - Listening to your internal voice

Consider the silent moments that exist between focused tasks during your day-to-day life. For example: the drive to work, the walk from one class to another, sitting on the toilet. Assuming you're not listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video (silent moments) you may begin to notice a trend after a few days of drawing attention to these moments. You might say to yourself: Man, I'm really pre-occupied with a problem at work - or - I don't know how I'm going lose these last 5 pounds in time for vacation.

Furthermore, drive attention to  the thoughts that my keep you up at night (these might be more noticeable if you have fewer quiet moments to yourself during the day.) I often keep a notebook by my bed so I can jot down thoughts that are keeping me awake so I can release them and fall asleep.

The takeaway: any issue or thought-structure that is occupying your mind for several days is something worth writing about! Not only will it be a therapeutic process for you, you'll also find the act of writing about it is easier than you may think - because you obviously have a lot to say!

2. Recognizing Sudden Inspiration

Often times while I'm browsing Reddit, listening to a podcast, watching a YouTube video, at the movies, etc., I find myself jumping at a specific idea conveyed. "Wow!" I'll think, "that's really cool and I'd like to know more about that!" For example, when watching the film Logan's Run, I suddenly became fixated on the Egyptian symbol of the ankh and became interested in learning more about its use in history in order to better understand its relevance in the film. These sudden inspirations are worth tracking via a blog post (or a series of posts) as your passion will be conveyed to the reader. This brings us to the next point...

3. Log the Learning Process

Do you have a desire to learn something new? Are you about to start a class? Track  your progress as you learn in the form of content like blog posts! For example, I'm interested in learning more about wine and am considering taking a wine theory class. Not only will blogging about my experience help me retain and understand information better, but it's attractive to audience to follow along with an individual who is learning something for the first time - as they feel as if they're a part of the journey.

4. Use Musing.io

Often times, specifically with Steemit, if I can't think of something to write for the day, I'll hop onto Musing and scroll through the questions people have. Because of the deep variety, I'm sure to find something I'm suddenly interested in answering. Because Musing allows us to automatically copy our reply to our Steemit blog - boom, you have yourself an inspired blog post!

Do you have any other methods for coming up with ideas for content creation? Let me know!

Steve Cronin

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That is a great question and to some degree, I would have to say I honestly don't know.  Sometimes they just kind of fall in your lap. If you are fortunate to have a lot of followers and have a pretty big account, you can post about anything and you are probably going to get some decent rewards on your post.  

I follow some Orca's that simply post about what they did that day and they are able to make quite a bit of money off of their posts.  Even if the thing they did is less exciting that what I did for my day.  

I didn't always do this in the past, but now if I am doing something out of the ordinary in my day, I make sure that I am taking pictures of it so that I can potentially write a post about it in the future.

Being aware of your surroundings and your circumstances can be all the inspiration you need to write a fantastic post.

Again a lot of times it just comes down to luck.  A good post is pretty subjective.  There have been lots of posts I have written that I thought were fantastic posts, but I didn't get the recognition that I thought they should have.  

Other posts that I was doing as just something to post I got a curie on.  I still put in a lot of effort into those posts, but I didn't feel like they were any better than the other ones that I didn't get many rewards for.

If you think of everything you do everyday as a potential post, you will find that you have more than enough material to get you through the week and you might just get lucky and have a hidden gem amidst all of the material that you collected.


When I wake up in the morning I have no idea what i am going to write about. I pay attention during the day and sometimes find something interesting in my everyday life.

Another source is the followers you follow. Read the posts and go through the comments and maybe take the topic of the post in another direction. Everyone thinks differently and by putting your spin on something makes an entirely new post.

A good question on musing may spark a memory or a thought pattern that can be converted into a post. I don't think answers on musing should be used as posts personally as that is an easy way out.

If you are stumped and have no idea I suggest you hit your memory banks and find something interesting that happened at some time in your life. We all have things we can write about ,but I only use this as a last resort.

Look at the various Dapps out there and try doing something new. There is a recipe dapp , a food dapp that does reviews on restaurants. These are just a couple of ideas and it is not too difficult to write one post per day. If you were doing 2 or 3 posts a day then that is totally different.


Let's start by saying that the "great post" is a very subjective term. What do you consider great post? How do you define great post? What is the definition of a "great post"?

Why do you focus on "quality"? What is "quality" to you? What does "quality means to you?

There are many kinds of posts.

Helpful/useful, humorous, funny, interesting post. Short writings, long writings, hotography posts. Just a few sentences, but funny and useful/helpful posts.

I think that the main goal is to have fun. People used to have fun on Facebook. A lot of people are still using and having fun on Facebook.

The enjoyment of the platform should be the primary goal.

I think that "how do you find your audience on Steemit?" is a more important question nowadays. Especially nowadays. The "great post" and the time, effort and work you put into it does not worth anything, if no one see it, except you.

I don't claim that I create quality/great posts, but I often feel like that I wasting my time on Steemit nowadays, because no matter what I do, no matter what I write about, no matter what I post, I rarely receive real, human comments. Only a few people are commenting under my posts. It's like as if I would post only for myself. 

And if almost no one cares about your posts, and you rarely receive real, human comments, where is the fun/enjoyment? What is the point of using a platform, if you don't enjoy using it?


Before  I tell you where my ideas come from and how can I come up with any ideas, let's discuss something. 

If my ideas are great or not, that's for others to decide. I don't rate or label myself, it's not my job. I can't say if an idea is great or not. It can' be great for me and be of no interest to others. So I'd say time will always tell, upvotes and comments will tell if it was a good idea or not. 

About the ideas, well, those pop up from nowhere. I'm an amateur photographer, I see a scene or just a tiny little detail and I already know what I want to do with it.  If it's not about photography, then it's about something I want to show my followers and i already know some of them are interested.  Previous experience.


Before I make a great post. I should have had enough details to make the post great. Findings are essential when considering to make a great post. What makes a great post is the content.

When writing an article, much research is done. If I am writing a great post termed to be an article, I will first of all make researches on the internet and have true or authentic knowledge about what I am writing on.

When writing the post, I do not fail to attach the source from which I got the details from. It is very considerable to find out if the information we are writing about is legit.

If I am writing a post about my daily activities that will not be a problem as I will make sure I take time to write full details about how my day went. I will also make sure I write catchy occurrences that took place. I will not also fail to include good pictures that will attract readers.

That is my take on writing a great post.


Ray Bradbury once told a conference that he challenged young writers to write 52 short stories for one year (one per week), and write 52 bad ones. Of these 52 texts, there will be at least one good one. Why ? Because to learn to write well, you must first write and write a lot.

There is no secret. If we wait for the idea, it will not come. You have to write several times a day, even when you think you have nothing to say. A piece of dialogue, the description of a face crossed in the cafe, frustration, anger ... The ideas will come, just open them a little passage.


First of all, I don't label my ideas. They are neither good or bad; some might get it others might not. The most important thing for me is that I express those ideas in the best possible way that is within my capacity.

I really do not think so much about the idea. Most of it comes naturally whilst reading other people's post or watching other people's videos.

Like @meno pointed out in his last video, you cannot say with any certainty that this or that will be the post to give you your big break it is more like a lottery here, we all take different shots at our aim but only one or a few will meet their aim


For me, to come out with a certain idea to make a unique and interesting post, the best way is to find several sources on the Internet. Then, the next thing to do is to combine ideas from several sources and m...


I am a steemian who has a hobby in photography. every day I always look for objects that I want to take pictures of. and I became the post material. I think photography is one of the best posts in Steemit. Besides writing about Crypto. Besides that, the images we produce can also be enjoyed by other people who have photography hobbies.