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When given the choice to actually do what is right or What is Kind, which would you choose and why?
Feel free to give examples or possible case scenario that you've encountered that you had to choose between what was kind and what was right.

Hmm.. This is a very technical question that requires deep thought. There are sometimes we do the kind things at the right time and sometimes we neglect the kind attitude at the right time.

There are times I make use of the two choices interwoven depending on the situation, condition or case at hand. This implies that I sometimes do what is right without being kind and I also sometimes act very kind without doing what is right. I will share two scenarios with you that proves my point.

There was a day someone eloped with my money N500 to be precise. He was in dire need of money which made him request for help to lend him that amount of money claiming he will pay it back as soon as he gets cash. I borrowed him my money out of the sympathy I had for him and due to the suffering he was undergoing.

Guess what? This same person hasn't paid the amount of money he lent from my for the past 2 years because he kept playing smart with me giving me different excuses. I now have two choices here.. It's either I make the right choice by filing a case against him in the court of law or i should act kind towards him by letting him go with the money since he isn't that rich.

I had to go for the later decision because he is a person who is struggling and I don't want to overburden him since I have more than that in my wallet. As you can see, I had to show kindness to him instead of doing what is right by making him pay forcefully but I had to leave him alone.

Consider another scenario where by a girl was raped by some men. In this case, it is not advisable to act kind towards the culprits by not punishing them because they will surely repeat the same act again. I suggest we must do what is right by giving them their required punishment without acting kind.

In conclusion, it depends on the situation at hand. It is always advisable to be kind but our high level of kindness shouldn't make us feel reluctant to do what is right when it's necessary.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Here comes the statement of choice. When you have a choice you need to know what is the best among the choice.

In a choice you have probability ratio of 50%  in both the options to be right. Let us illustrate these with facts and examples to check which one is right among the two.

The given two choices are really close enough making it difficult to choosing either of the statements.

But if I have to choose one I will go with the kindness because it is better to he kind than yo be right. Always being right is not necessary but kindness is a quality because of which you would be appreciated even if you are not right.

In the opposition if you do choose what is right. It is certain that you would be right but you would not be liked by every one and not appreciated even some people will be against you.

So I think it is not necessary to be always right but it is good to be kind.