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Is Musing.io the best in steemit?

To me, musing is the best because I get noticed and I am also rewarded for my efforts. The fact is most musing users are able to earn cool rewards on Steemit by asking questions or providing quality answers on the platform.

This means you can answer more than 2 questions or provide more than 5 answers per day and you automatically get rewarded for your answers depending on the quality of your posts.

As a user if musing, I am able to earn cool payouts from my posts when compared to posting normally on Steemit main website.

These are the below reasons why musing is the best.

1) LEARNING : Musing is a platform where you are able to learn apart from earning more Steemit rewards. You can add more to your knowledge by asking questions or reading answers answers to questions you have no knowledge about.

There are great expert who can help you answer questions you find ambiguous or difficult.

Keep learning by making use of musing.

2) EARNING : Sincerely, I had to abandon my previous niche because I wasn't earning any reward for my efforts. I don't use to earn much rewards expect from PAL and some other support supporting discod group.

Ever since I have started using musing, I am earning cool upvotes for my handwork and other musing users are experiencing the same. This is why the number of musing users is now increasing on the steem blockchain.

3) YOUR POST IS HIGHLY NOTICED BY THE COMMUNITY: One of the great features of musing is that your work is highly noticed by the community. You are able to get noticed with your posts on the website and community. You just have to keep providing quality answers and questions to appear on the trending page and earn more rewards.

4) MEETING NEW PEOPLE: Musing has also helped me increase my followers because some of them love the way I answer questions and they don't want to miss my posts. This has helped me socialise with more people on the platform and I am also able to make new friends.

5) ACTIVE TEAM MATES : Anytime you are facing any difficulties on the platform, you have the access to meet their team on Discod channel. Just state your problem and the team will work on it as soon as possible. @jonching is very good at this 😁😁.

Let's keep earning while we learn on Steemit by making use of musing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


 Musing is still developing but at the point it is standing right now it is indeed in a very good position and the support it gives to the community users is indeed really helpful to all of us. 

One of the best thing Musing is doing is 

It is helping both the users who are asking and answering questions by making a communication between them. Allowing them to get what they want and without any problem or without being scared any questions can be asked which is making users more comfortable and can get what they are looking for.

While the Upvotes acts as a bonus and a little motivation to both the users who asks questions and answers. 

The best thing about Musing is you can dive in any question you like in here and you can find relative answers to it, thus you get to learn a little more from there, which makes me like this community very much.

Overall as the traffic is less here for now it is doing awesome and once it gets crowded which will be really great and awesome (more opportunity) it will be even better and we will get to learn even more.



Right now I wold have to say, for me personally, it is the best.

I don't partake in a lot of the other activities here such as SteemMonsters, MSP, DTube, or even D-Dead when it was here. Musing is the best for me which is why I utilize it above all others.

It fits my needs, my interests and does its job well.


Yes, of course. I think musing.io is the best in steemit.

Steemit is a platform where you can earn money by blogging. There are many options in steemit for working. There are many communities which supports some creative blogger who contribute in their community.

There are many small platforms on steemit who give free upvotes with a great value to someone who contribute in their platform. There are also many site which you can use for posting on steemit. They are busy.org, musing.io and so on.

There are many communities like utopian-io, steemhunt, dtube, steemstem and so on. They only upvotes which post that is related with their community. If they approve anyone's post then he or she will get upvotes from them. But they all have hard rules and you have to do hard work in order to get upvotes.

But only musing.io upvotes don't have any hard rules in order to get upvotes. But you should not do copy paste. To get upvotes from musing you need to answer the right things to the question. If you answer is eligible for upvote then you will get uovotes. It is very easy to get upvotes from musing.

So, I think musing.io is the best in steemit.


I believe that musing.io is a very wonderful DAPP on the steem blockchain and based on its features and the way it operates then i will agree that yeah musing.io will be the best DAPP in the future if well managed...


 The best? No..... but it's really fucking AWESOME! 


if we speak the best basically all social media platforms or communities are good goals. however, each platform certainly has its own advantages. musing.io also has a unique uniqueness that runs on the blockchain, accommodating all kinds of questions and answers that provide many new benefits and knowledge. I think if your question is the best musing.io? we can say "yes". It is with its unique uniqueness that I dare say that musing.io is one of the best.


Musing.io is the best dapp on the Steem blockchain and I can prove it. Here are the parameters that I am judging musing on: 

1. Real World Use: Every living person on this Earth has questions - There is literally nothing else that I can say that is  more important than this fact alone to justify the need for a platform like this. Musing.io has the easiest interface amongst all  apps. No confusing tags or posting randomly. You only have two choices -  A question or an answer. You just can't go wrong with that. Obviously  the responsibility of the quality of the content that you post, resides  with you.

2. Ease of Use: To use it, you log in using steemconnect and straightaway you hit the ground rolling. Which means that you can click  on questions to ask your questions or to answer the questions that are  already posted. musing has the simplest interface amongst all dapps. I don't want to sound mean but all other dapps (even the ones that I like) are littered with too much things that would confuse a new user. 

People don't realize how important this fact is. Trust me, when the world really gets into using blockchain based social media, all these devs would realize how much the public loves a simple interface

3. Upvote Percentage: Musing.io has a little less than half a million in delegation to it. They upvote good content in voting-weight percentages of 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%. This  means that at current prices you can get anywhere from 20 cent to 4 dollars. Combined with the fact that we have only a small number of  users on this relatively new app, I challenge you to find me a better dapp to spend my time and energy on.

I also personally feel that musing.io has been fair and generous in distribution of their upvotes. This is just another reason to be here on musing.

4. Naturally Favorable for crowd with Low Speed Internet: Musing mainly deals with text content and that makes it easier for people with slow internet to use it comfortably. There are hundreds of millions of users like this that dapps like Dtube, Dlive and Steepshot would never be able to target simply because of the low bandwidth issue of internet in many parts of the world.


i would say hands down yes. Nothing comes close to it and it is so enjoyable.

Where else do you get rewarded for learning and having fun. Each question is like a mini challenge and a lottery if you will be rewarded or mot.

I spend more time on musing than I do on Steemit now. If you had told me that a month ago I would have laughed at you. I have learnt a few things and had fun at the same time. It fits into what I enjoy and that is general knowledge.

As a Dapp it si easy to get started as you can log straight in with steem connect and  you are on your way. The simplicity and ease that it operates is the beauty.The users don't abuse it and everyone gets on very well. it is just a pleasure every time I log on.


It depends on what you are looking for. Steemit is different than musing in the sense that Steemit is a blogging platform, and musing is Q&A, but they are both on the same blockchain, and rewards system. 

I don't prefer one over the other. They both serve a different purpose to me, and they are both valuable to me. 

In terms of rewards, why lie. Musing pays me the bulk of my rewards, I'm very grateful for that, and it motivates me to continue to use the platform.