What’s the last blockchain/crypto project you came across that inspired/excited you, and why?
The crypto space got flooded with ICOs and self-proclaimed “game-changers” during the last boom - most of which never amounted to diddly-squat... wondering if there are any particular projects that might have been developing since that may not have yet fully popped up onto the mainstream radar yet have some significant substance and potential building upon greats ideas and value propositions....
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I would say steemit. Steemit made me a better writer. At first, I said to myself I would never make a post on my blog that I would only comment on people's blog because I was terrible when it comes to writing, but here I am today with over 50 articles or more on my blog. So, Steemit truly inspired me

I think I would say Musing.

Steem Blockchain is the better