Why do people insist on asking really stupid questions on Musing rather than use their own brains and/or Google to figure out the completely obvious instead of wasting our time and energy here?
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I do agree that musing now a days is loaded with silly, insensitive,irrelevant questions. But if I had some question I prefer asking it on musing rather than googling it and getting confused with hundred's of long articles,answers and suggestions.  I feel that Musing answers are more accurate and real. It is also a chance to engage with the community. 

Obviously, you will get a reward for posting and answering questions here. Unlike in searching on google you need to do your own effort and there will be no @musing and other users who will give you rewards. Also getting answers here in musing.io is hassle free, just post your questions and get back in few minutes and you will definitely get accurate answers.

I do feel you there, and I saw a lot of nonsensical questions. With regards to questions answerable by Google, I believe that Musing is about engaging in discussions. Actually, some questions asked in Quora are researchable through Google whatever the answer is.

Though, I am more into questions that asks for opinions. That is more engaginh actually than questions that are academic.

Because...Musing upvotes.

Sometimes I think people feel pressured by their conscience to ask question and thus ask either unreasonable question or question that can be searched on Google. Most times they ask questions not because they seek answers but because they feel they have to ask a question and such attitude should be watch by the musing curators.

I have also seen lot of stupid questions lately. While a decentralized platform empowers people to inherently express their views and curiosity, but some people take advantage of it and indulge in asking stupid question too. As the time progresses and this platform becomes more matured, it will be able to find out a solution to deal with this kind of issues.

Yes simple questions which can be easily understood from the google should not be asked here. Only those which we have a doubt or we need more clarity should be asked here. These people are taking undue advantage of musing platform and mostly wasting their time& energy.

Some cleanliness drive is required from the musing team and it is really needed to clean this platform of such stupid things and once that happens the true gem can be clearly visible in this platform which is really needed now.

You can find an answer to 100% of questions you wanna ask if you dig in Google Deep enough.

So what is the Point of Musing then?

I understand that the goal of Musing is to generate engagement between users creating diversity of thought.

Everyone is Free to add their unique perspecive on any topic and subject raised.

Unlike on Google where algorithms promote only the most popular and approved by Google points of view.

In other words, maybe Musing is not the place where you can fully engage with things like the Jewish Questions, and voice your frustration with Niggers, but at least you will not be burried just because you mention certain topics.

Simply...because they can.