What are some crypto tokens that you can currently stake to earn ‘dividends’ on (besides NEO for GAS)??
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There are many Proof of Stake coins on the market and they can be profitable.

Although steem can also be a powerful "staking" coin. But here we call it delegating steem power.

This means you can "lend" you Steem Power to another steemit user. There are many schemes; like voting bots and even many dApps reward steemians for delegating their hard earned steem power.

These voting bots and dApps have revenue streams which allows them to pay you, sometime daily for your SP delegation.

This is great, because you do not have to have massive amounts of steem power, technically speaking you can delegate very small amounts. The more you delegate the higher the rewards.

There are many dApps that reward you with very good benefits. But all of these are specific to the project and may differ in profitability. You would have to do some research yourself.

I personally delegate to @partiko a mobile app for the steem blockchain. For my delegation I receive a small up vote on my posts and I earn more partiko points, which is a redeemable currency for the app.

Although there are many staking coin you will sometimes have to invest a substantial amount for them to be a valid staking amount.

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 Top 5 Profitable Proof Of Stake Cryptos

1. DASH 

 2. NEO 

 3. PIVX 

 4. Reddcoin 

 5. Neblio 

EOS has a lot of tokens like that. You can buy my personal favorite, the DICE token <a href="https://betdice.one/?ref=lusterdoom55">https://betdice.one/?ref=lusterdoom55</a> (ref link to it). You can buy it with EOS and stake them and get a dividend on them. Theres tons more like that on EOS, but DICE is the best because its stable and has a good reputations unlike a lot of other projects.