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What have been the greatest lessons you’ve learned through “failure?”?

The greatest lesson I have learnt through failure is to avoid procrastination. I never knew procrastinating could cause one to fail not until I experienced it during my O level days.

As a secondary school student, I never love anything that has to do with books because I just hate reading. I love to play a lot and watch movies paying less attention to my studies back then. I continued leading this kind of lifestyle without any fear or shame even though my performance wasn't encouraging.

By luck and chance I got promoted to the last stage in my secondary school which was my final class in the school. The last exams to be done at that stage is not always set by the schools but the questions are set from the consensus of west African Countries Educational Board members because the result is just like a certificate after your 6 years in secondary school. Without this result, you can never proceed with your education in any higher Institution present in my country. This implies that for you to further your education, you must enable you pass the final exam in your senior secondary school with at least credit in English and maths including five other subjects.

I ended the first term of that class without any form of seriousness even when I saw most students studying very hard for their final exam. All I was saying was that "there is still more time and I will start reading tomorrow" even though my tomorrow never kept changing to the next day. This happened till when the exam time table was released. I saw the time table and I only had like 2 weeks to prepare before the exam.

I had to change my mindset and I had to start developing the courage to read even though I never find it interesting unlike other students. I read for just few minutes while the exam was fast approaching. We had done numerous topics with voluminous notes for each of the subjects which I am always scared to read because they were just too much for me to handle. I was very occupied such that I had no time because the exam was fast approaching. Since I couldn't read and understand the whole textbook, I had to start treating past questions maybe I could be lucky to come across such questions in exam because it was very late for me to read and understand unlike other student who had been reading their books since day 1 of resumption while I was busy procrastinating.

It was time for the final exam and I sat at the chair allocated to me. The examination invigilators had already given some certain rules which may cause any student involved to be penalized and the rules are listed below ;

- Never come in with any sheet of paper or else you will be punished for examination malpractice.

- Never speak to your colleagues or else you will be sent out of the examination hall

- Never come into the examination hall with you mobile phone and other gadgets or else you will fail the exam automatically.

- Never borrow anything from any student unless you notify the invigilators involved.

After he read the rules, I was already perplexed because I knew you can never ask anyone for answer in the examination hall to avoid getting caught. I just had to develop the courage and hope to write the examinations.

After we were done with all the final examination, it was time to say our final goodbye to the school. I was just so happy that I was leaving that school after spending some years learning in that same school and I was also sad leaving the school because I won't be able to see my friends unlike before. I would miss them a lot. We all went home for the long holiday waiting for our results to be published.

I could remember vividly that I was just scrolling through my Facebook feeds and I saw the notification which popped on the top screen of my mobile saying the result is out. I had to quickly buy a scratch card and input my logging in details just to check my results. After seeing my results, tears rolled down my chick because I failed. My result wasn't encouraging. My parents were very sad and disappointed in me after their financial and physical effort on me just to make me pass that exam. I was very shy when whenever I come across my mates because I don't want the to keep asking me about my performance.

I could never forget this experience because failure had thought me to stop the habit of procrastinating. If I had started reading my books back then, I would made a very great results like others but I kept postponing what I can do today till the next day and it really affected me. I have learnt my lessons and I now do every thing and anything I am capable of doing at the present moment because I don't want to experience such trauma again.

In conclusion, procrastination may destroy you if you aren't careful about how you manage your time and activities. Never leave what you can do today for tomorrow even though tomorrow isn't promised.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Heh... I recently had one of the worst failures of my life. I faced bankruptcy after some insanely poor financial decisions. 

Thankfully, I pulled through and didn't lose everything in my possession. 

There were a tonne of lessons to learn from this failure. I'll dot point these below:

  • Proper preparation is key. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  • Know the risks. I thought I knew the risks back to front. Boy was I wrong.
  • Go in with enough funds to cover all risks involved. I only went in with what I considered enough money to cover expenses. I was short by at least $100k.
  • Have a lot of support from your family. I went in solo, with no family support. That was a big mistake. No one was around to help me while my world was crashing around me.

So, there were a lot of lessons to learn from this failure. And even more than I have listed here. 

The biggest lesson that I learned however, was that the venture that I entered into wasn't for me. I totally underestimated what I was moving into. And I learnt the hard way. 

Thankfully, I've moved back into a high paying employed position. So I'll be able to recover from what was very nearly my financial ruin. But it was a lesson learned, and learned the hard way.


To carry on. To do things a little different. to change some things to try something new, To try something you do not yet understand. To learn from other through interactions or by reading their content.

There are many point along the journey I have taken to enter Steem and the Crypto world. Though not in that order. Finding it hard to gain employment, It was suggested to me to try my  hand at the playing poker on line with a bit more seriousness to the game. I did, I won some Crypto and FIAT. Nothing major though. I took this and moved it to Steem. I won a little playing here on SPL Steem Poker League or Lucksacks Poker. That got my account started. 

Then I concentrated more on creating content and trying to build a bank roll. Over the past few month the price has kept falling that could be viewed as failing. My asset though is increasing. That to me seems like a success in some part. It is not holding the same value at present to what it has held previous, Giving up on a longer term possibility now when the reward you sought was further down the line seems to be just finding a reason to give up.

These are the times we struggle through and come out the other side profitable, With knowledge and possibly a use for our new found accumulated funds.

At each of those points along the way in the poker came a time when luck changed and it seemed the bank roll was going down, At those points I moved on and changed what I was doing and my approach toward the platform, At each price fall If I wonder should I cash out this might be it or bust, I try ignore it, as my goal is long term, and the short term failures only build the foundation that something stronger can grow from.

Failure is just learning what to do or not to do.


I think the biggest lesson is to pick your self straight up and start again. To analyze what went wrong and to get straight back to succeed.

Most people get depressed and it takes them too long to realize that they should change tact and try and try again.

I have never been beaten by lots of things and see failure as a positive. If something was easy then everyone would be successful. Nothing is easy and may take you a few attempts to get it right.

Being able to pick yourself up is the trick and not many people realize how important this is. It doesn't give you the chance to get depressed in the disappointment mulling over what went wrong.


You understand it isn't the finish of the street 

When you come up short, and you flop huge, it feels like the finish of the line. It has a craving for all that you once sought after and imagined for is presently totally out of your scope. It takes a passionate toll on you. It breaks you physically, rationally, and profoundly. 

In any case, what I came to acknowledge was that disappointment wasn't the finish of the street. Despite the fact that it harmed more than I would mind to depict, disappointment served me more than it obstructed me. It incorporated me up with my identity today. It will in general do that for you. 

What's more, while knowing the past is 20/20, the point of view picked up from disappointment is second to none. More often than not, we're stressed more over the dread of disappointment instead of the disappointment itself. What will others think? In what manner will I look before my associates? While those are a few inquiries we may solicit, disappointment surely isn't the end from the street. 

#2 – It reclassifies your needs throughout everyday life 

Disappointment will either make you or it will break you. Be that as it may, it can't make you until the point that it breaks you. That is the dubious part. Nobody has encountered a wild feeling of achievement without first bombing significantly. While some have needed to persevere through just a couple of disappointments before progress, others have persevered through thousands. 

Be that as it may, when you come up short, something weird occurs. You start to reclassify your needs throughout everyday life. You reorder the things that issue to you. You look inwards, driving a stock of your expectations and your fantasies. What's more, you come to understand the things that issue the most to you. 

For most, this redefinition of needs is a significant advance for conquering disappointment. You rearrange things around to prepare for what's vital. On the off chance that achievement is as vital to you as you think, at that point you start to make the essential changes. 

#3 – It shapes what you esteem 

It's amusing. Through each progressive disappointment in my life, my qualities were reshaped. After some time, they totally transformed. What I esteemed 10 years back is not any more the equivalent as what I esteem today. One of the greatest errors that individuals make when endeavoring to succeed, is that they esteem the wrong things. 

When you esteem the wrong things, achievement can be transitory. It's simpler to surrender. Be that as it may, when your qualities are all together, you can joyfully succeed instead of prevailing to be glad. All in all, what does it precisely mean to esteem the correct things? 

At whatever point we're centered around taking something from the world or other individuals, disappointment is one minute away. Be that as it may, when our qualities change to ones dependent on commitment, and offering more to the world than we get, a momentous structural move happens. 

#4 – It makes you more caring 

We as a whole know the intensity of the forceful inner self. Before we bomb significantly, the inner self runs your life. You're more worried about what individuals consider you or how much cash you spend notwithstanding others. Be that as it may, when you fall flat, things change. 

Real disappointment makes the inner self break. Subsequently, you turned out to be more humane. You turned out to be more in contact with your kindred individuals. It constrains you to look further at things, understanding and thinking more about others as opposed to exclusively concentrating on your self. 

The disappointments throughout my life served me much more than I could have ever envisioned. They made me kinder, gentler, and more minding and giving than I had ever been. Without those disappointments, I would have been bound to carry on with a far less empathetic life. 

#5 – It enhances your point of view on back 

Each significant disappointment encourages you take a gander at cash in an unexpected way. Regardless of whether you come up short at marriage, business, connections, or whatever else. I realize it improved the situation me. You're compelled to enhance your viewpoint on everything cash related. 

The majority of the choices we make in life affect our main concern. When we slight cash and treat it with wonton neglect, it brings the potential for disappointment closer. When you include things like betting, liquor, and different addictions to the blend, it just enhances your odds for disappointment. 

In any case, through each progressive disappointment, I enhanced my point of view on cash. I figured out how to regard it and treat with consideration, instead of going through it with negligence. For whatever length of time that you can enhance through each progressive disappointment, at that point you've made a more grounded stage for possible achievement and riches later on.


In My early days on steemit , I engaged in some numbers of contest with great hopes of winning and most times I don't fall among the winners . This kept up for about 3 months , and each time I was hurt not been listed as a winner,this continued number of failures made me strong that I got to a stage that I don't feel hurt or troubled with failure. It made me stronger to accept that I was not being good enough to be listed and the fear of failure disappeared not just on steemit but in dealing with life issues, I came to understand failure was part of our daily growth engine.

Failure has also made me think strategically in life. There are times I have failed just because I wasn't giving enough time for thinking. It was until failure pinned me down most times ,I got to sit and think about an project carefully judging and taking only reasonable risk. I would still have been the kind of man who run around project without thinking , failure made me a strategic planning


Failure is the first step toward big success. if You Want Big success the failed is a key factor toward you're a big achievement.

it increases quilty of work.

it increases the efficiency of work.

It provides motivation.

for Example, if you want to jump and cover long distance what you do.

the first thing you go back at least 5 to 10 feet and then run with full energy with extra courage with more speed and then just jump and this way you cover a long distance.

Failure always gives me a positive lesson and I prepare and improve my self more with hard work, focus, quilty.


It Humbles You 

failure is a standout amongst the most lowering encounters throughout everyday life. It breaks the sense of self, driving reflection and examination. Also, that modesty enables us to scan for new understandings and pathways towards accomplishing our fantasies, enabling us to right the wrongs that brought about disappointment in any case. 

#2 — It Forces You to Dig Deep 

You are compelled to burrow profound when you come up short. You're compelled to search inside and recognize designs that may have made you flop in any case. It's through that examination that new plans are conceived that enable us to move past snags that kept us down before. 

#3 — You Discover New Meaning 

Disappointment compels you to find new importance despite thrashing. You're compelled to mull over your purposes behind needing things in any case. It is possible that it implies enough to you to progress forward, or it misses the mark, compelling you to stop and surrender. As Tony Robbins regularly says, which means starts things out, answers come next. 

#4 — You Become More Empathetic 

It's anything but difficult to have sensitivity for other people. It's frequently on the grounds that we feel too bad. Be that as it may, when you fall flat, and you encounter those rockbottom lows, you can all the more likely relate. You relate on a more profound level since you've been there, and that alters things as you would like to think, giving you more empathy. 

#5 — You Become More Resourceful 

One of life's most noteworthy exercises learned through disappointment is the capacity to end up more ingenious with what you have. You figure out how to look for the correct assets to see things through. In many cases, this is through distress instead of motivation, however it lastingly affects the psyche. 

#6 — You Learn to Cope Better 

Rationally, profoundly, sincerely and even physically, disappointment is incapacitating. In any case, through disappointment, you figure out how to adapt. You end up solidified and unflinching, ready to see the notorious timberland through the trees. As the feelings go back and forth like waves lapping against the shore, you're better ready to let them just move off of you than to profoundly influence you. 

#7 — You Master Time Management 

Time is life's most prominent equalizer. We as a whole have a similar measure of time regardless of our identity. No measure of accomplishment or cash or status changes that. What you come to acknowledge through disappointment is that you need to deal with your time or it will oversee you. You actualize successful time administration methodologies to ingrain proficiency and enhance results. 

#8 — You Become a Better Planner 

Making a gigantic activity intend to accomplish your objectives is vital to progress. When you fall flat, one of the exercises you frequently learn in life is the way to improve as an organizer. You don't change your objectives. You enhance your plans. You refine your methodology and discover ways you can achieve your objective by enhancing past procedures and strategies.


## Failure is what I consider as one of the biggest teachers I have ever had. 

Well, it always depends on the person's perspective in life. There are some people who are not good at accepting their failures in life. They tend to give up even before giving life a second chance. However, there are also people who consider failures as a stepping stone towards success.

Personally, I have failed a lot of times. However, I try my best to be as positive as possible. I try to reflect on the reasons as to how and why I failed. Then, I'll take it as a life's lesson. 

If someone has never experienced failure before, sure he or she is lucky, but do you think he or she is strong? Strong enough to fave life's adversities? I think otherwise. Sometimes, life is build with the foundation of "failures". 

The more we fail, the more we learn. Of course, we shouldn't keep on failing. It's impossible, if we learn and put everything to heart. Every time we fail, we bounce back higher alongside all the learning and experiences.

Don't be afraid to fail! Instead, face failure head on and learn from it. <3


So much. I can telling you SO MUCH. I'm a looser. Been through so many failure during my life, yet, still have to deal with it. One of the biggest failure that happens to me, is when I have to accept that I can't be graduated from my college in time. So i was and I can't finish my last project properly that time, because of one thing and another. That's not the hardest part. I still have to watch all my friend during graduation party, while I can't join them, I need to pay my semester money once again because I failed to graduate in time, and many thing's. Sure for the other person, this thing's like "awww come on, that not a big deal". But say that when you have to see your mother expression with her fake smile when she's have to accept that her son can't graduate in time. I was so down that time and the one and only one place I can tell my problem is God. I'm a religious person. So that time I was really in touch. I pray as much as I can. While dealing with my own problem. Beside I promise to myself. After all the failure that I have, I will make my mom proud of me, by somehow. With the help of God for sure.

My message to anyone there, that having the same failure, even if it's not the same problem, maybe even worts. You're having God to tell your problem. How big your problem is, always sure that God even bigger that your problem. Make sure you always pray to him. Cause he will listen.


The greatest lesson I have learned from failure is listening to other regards my decisions. There are some people you've thought they really care by giving advice but later you'll find out that they don't really care whatever the outcome of the decision you've made. Now I still listen to other people's advice but before I make decisions I also figure things out myself and study until I come to my final and best decision myself.


The greatest lessons I learnt through failure was in 2014 when I made a financial decision without proper guidance, research nor advise.  That year was when I made my first $1000 as a young man who just ventured in business, The money sounded so huge that I was filled with so many options on what to invest.  A friend later advised me to invest in a multi-level marketing so I can be gaining bonuses. It sounded great and I did.

After three months, the business met a loggerhead due to the manager of my niche and lo! in 6 months afterwards, the entire money went down the drain. Both my capital and interest were lost and it was a huge setback for me. It took God.s intervention that I survived it.

Here are my lessons:

1. No more get-rich quick scheme. Every business  worthy of my investment must be such that tangible and quality work (such as on the Steem blockchain) is needed. I rather work diligently for a little profit but with satisfaction rather than get rich quick and lose my peace over time.

2. From then on, I have to consult a variety of financial advisors before making any financial investment.

This is a response to a question on Musing.io


No failures exist

Something pleases us that something saddens and much is not clear.

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@Rok-sivante, With my experience i can say that I've learned one thing from failure and that is, it makes us more tougher and determined for the next try. Stay blessed. 🙂