When/where have you continued to compromise your integrity by judging people before attempting to understand where they are coming from?
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Well, in this, i have to say I'm a hypocrite. I am still trying to learn how to stop this because its obviously wrong.

For years, there's been this guy I've known from childhood and he has been on me like white on rice. I repeat, for yours now. I do not even give him the time of day and i probably never will.

He claims he cares and loves me but my God, i can't even bring myself to believe him when he says anything. Yes, i know, i have judged him even without knowing but you won't blame me when you see and hear him talk.

Anyways, i think the straw that broke the camels back has to be yesterday when he called and i texted that i was busy and then this morning he texted and was like so I'm still talking to my dad.

I was mad that i literally have severed and destroyed any shred of love he has for me. Deep down, i know this is wrong and my integrity is down ths drain so far as that's concerned.

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Mmm... I’d say you’re being WAY too hard on yourself.

If you find him annoying, that’s your response. Nonetheless, it seems you’ve still been fair to/with him.

Yet if you simply notified him that you’re busy, YOU’VE DONE NO WRONG.

IF “his love for you is destroyed” because of THAT, you’re probably WAY better off without such a thin-skinned, needy boy pestering you, and it’s entitely HIS OWN response to overreact to your honesty that you’re occupied with other things.

Seriously. lol.

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I'm not sure I have ever did that. 

I do find, that there are certain types of people who are simply annoying. 

I don't know where that vibe comes from exactly.

After talking with such person once or twice does reduce the annoyance. 

But never quite removes it.

I do see myself as a person who puts understanding and communication as a priority.

And it's not because I'm such a great person, rah rah, social justice, soy and cuckolding.

To understand a person, is to know your potential allies, and who's your likely enemy.

In the world of business, science and politics, not that I'm some big fish, you cannot just punch your way up.

You need to be calculated.

Understanding all the components, that includes people, reduces the chaos 5 steps ahead.