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Are mother in laws really a thing and if yes, why?
Often people make jokes about mother in laws and the relationship of for example a husband or wife with his or her mother in law. The relationship with your mother in law is by stereotype a rocky one, but often this stereotype is true. Why is that?

Uhmmm well it's not always true, but yes, sometimes the stereotype of terrible stepmothers is actually true, although I think it's most true with mother-in-laws and wives.

To the best of my knowledge, I think most women just don't believe that any woman is good for their sons, especially when they aren't the ones that hand picked the woman themselves. You see mother's have a special bond with their sons and the thought of losing that bond to someone else is often very hard for mother's to perceive.

It's not like as if mother-in-laws really have anything against their children's wives, its more along the lines of losing their place as the most important woman in their sons lives to someone else that to them their sons probably only just met.

In Nigeria you also have to take tribalism into context, oh my, the worst thing that can happen to you as a man is if you bring a woman from a tribe that your mother doesn't like and say that you want to marry her. The mother will kick against it with everything that she has and even if you do succeed in getting married to the woman, she'll go on saying that your wife has brainwashed you and made you hate your mother.

Case in point, my mom is late so I'll never experience it, but my dad's elder sisters only son was getting married to a woman that wasn't from the same tribe as he was and she hated it. She literally did everything to make my cousin's wife suffer and when my cousin and his wife had a falling out, she was the one that spear headed the motion for two of them to get divorced, thankfully my cousin didn't listen.

No mother will want to see her son with anyone who isn't the best or at least the best in their minds and if they feel the woman isn't up to standard which most of them so often do, they'll be open about it and make the woman's life a living hell. Maybe their reaction is just a defense mechanism that comes up when they realise they are losing their baby boys, I don't know, but the question of whether or not the stereotype of terrible mother-in-laws exists is true, they really do.

I hope this helps.


Mother-in-laws are actually very integral in the relationships shared or the possible eventuality of the person their childrens gets married to, why is this? This is because generally mothers are protective of their children and definitely wants the best for the children. The notion that mother-in-laws are impossible is seldom wrong, in some cases two people are already dating before the introductions to their various mothers.

People always want to create a first satisfactory impression the first time they meet their prospective mother-in-laws because her approval is needed in other to cement an already working relationships between two people. That's why sometimes mother-in-laws takes time to analyse the people their children want to spend the rest of their lives with.

In most cases they're hardly impressed by the people their children introduces to them not because they're always good enough but because they usually set too high standards of the people they want their children to be with but in most cases their standards are always too high.

In a few cases they reluctantly allow their children marry who they want, but the relationships between their son or daughter-in-laws may remain bleak because they didn't even give full approval of the relationship but only did because they want their children to be happy.

In other words mother-in-laws are only humans and sometimes they still find their son or daughter-in-laws unworthy of their children sometimes because of filmsy reasons like how he looks, why he isn't earning so much more and other reasons too.


Mothers in-law are very important in a marriage and they should be shown love and respect same way we will show love to our mothers,well there are some men and women that do not care about their mother in-law but i believe that it is very wrong and disrespectful...


Possibly you should take her needing to resemble you as a sign that you're extremely cool! Truly, in the event that she needs to utilize the stuff you do, she should truly think you comprehend what you're doing. I would accept it as a compliment.

You don't need to like her, incidentally. You just should be aware and obliging. She did, all things considered, raise the man you cherish into the man he is today.