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Why don't my posts on musings.io show up on my blog profile in the stewemit frontend?
I've tried so far on the steemit and busy frontend's and I don't see my posts showing up that I made on my other steemit profile on musing.io. I can only see it if I view it using steemd.com. Why is that?

If you ask any question on Musing, it will show up on your Steemit comment section by default. 

I do not know what you did when you answer question on Musing. When you give any answer on musing, you have the option to show it on your Steemit blog or comment section. 

To show your Musing answer on Steemit blog, just click the Post to blog (that appears at the top right hand side). That's it. You can see the post on your Steemit blog. If you do not click the Post to blog, it will show on Steemit comment section. 

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It's how Musing.io is designed by it's developers probably for convenience and simplicity. An account was created that host all questions and answers in Musing.io and that is @musing-threads. By default, all questions and answers will be posted to  that account unless you tick the box that says "Post to blog". 

At the moment, you can only do this for your "Answers" and not "Questions"

Since all your "questions" and "answers" are just literally comments posted to @musing-threads, you can view all of it at your comment section list: https://steemit.com/@roloyolo/comments


For now questions, they can't be posted on the front end of Steemit, at least not for now.

For answers, if you check the post to blog mark when answering it will be posted into your steemit blog.