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Have you ever had any job offers for an illegal job and why did you turn it down?
Have you ever been offered an illegal form of employment for example selling drugs etc and what made you turn down the offer?

It depends on what you call illegal work, there may be illegalities from different perspectives.

If I have had job offers in the field of drugs, I have had people close to me in that world and I have seen how their lives have been sinking little by little, it is surprising the amount of money handled by people who tend to sell drugs or drugs. they tend to prostitute themselves, it is a lot more than what I could earn as a biologist today, however I have not risked accepting such jobs because you live a life of worries, I had a close case with a relative, specifically a cousin that they killed because they owed money in the case of drug sales, as well as I know a girl with a sexually transmitted disease due to mismanagement of her work in the world of prostitution.

In my opinion there is no way to earn money honestly and doing what you like, do not fall in those worlds, because at the beginning everything is beautiful due to the accounts with many zeros to the right $$, but then it is difficult to leave that world, plus you always run the risk of falling into jail and the game is over.