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What exercise routine can best help remove belly fats?

Walking to the liposuction clinic. 😁


I would like to start this post by reminding you that exercise should not be punishment for bad food choices, but should be a celebration of what you can physically do.

There is a old saying: the six pack is created in the kitchen, not the gym.

Do the opposite of what main stream media is telling us. This is some of the propaganda the Industry tells you: Do not do these:

Eat is moderation

Cals in Cals out

Eat right and exercise

Exercise to burn calories

Eat all colors of the 🌈 rainbow

You need fiber

3 meals and 3 snacks

Brain and muscle πŸ’ͺ needs sugar

Meat is bad

The best way to lose belly fat is to cut out sugar out of your diet. And eat more meat. That includes fruits and all white foods.


Although I am not a fitnest coach.

Firstly, by doing press up, press up will really help when it comes with exercising to remove belly fats as in the process of press up, you are compressing and pressing down belly which will result in the extraction of the fats.

Secondly not only is the exercise but there are other tips that will help in removing belly fat like drinking a lot of water and try eating vegetables.

Also try not eating any food that contains a lot of fats and starch as this will not help in reducing or removing the belly fats. So try abstaining from eating any fatty food.

With these few tips and been applied, definitely, the belly fat will be removed within a short period time


1. Try Cardio every day this is your best choice....

Cardio regardless of what numerous individuals state is an extremely un-proficient apparatus with regards to fat misfortune. Cardio without anyone else's input basically does not consume enough calories and the more cardio you do the better your body adjusts to it. One approach to conquer this is to perform interim preparing. High power interim preparing (HIIT), which by its exceptionally nature makes you consume more calories, animate higher fat misfortune and make a metabolic flood, which can expand your body's capacity to consume fat for a considerable length of time after your exercise.Β 

2. Cheat meals are important

Cheat suppers are really an extremely thought little of part of consuming less calories, they are depicted as an opportunity to "cheat" on your eating routine and quickly yield to any longings you may have. In any case, in reality cheat suppers are fundamental to guaranteeing your body keeps on losing fat. Amid a calorie shortage your body's dimensions of leptin, a hormone that controls weight reduction and protects against starvation are diminished. Low dimensions of leptin decreases your capacity to shed pounds, as well as lead to increasingly fat being picked up! To neutralize low leptin levels when consuming less calories and restore your body back to an ideal fat consuming state you should have an incidental high-carb dinner (cheat supper). It would be ideal if you observe that high-carb does not mean high fat. A cheat feast, which is carb overwhelming and high in fat, will send supplements to your contracted fat cells and cause advancement to slow down.Β 

3. Protein isnt a priorityΒ 

Regardless of whether it's a low carb or a low fat eating regimen you choose to seek after, your protein substance ought to dependably be high! This is on the grounds that your body consumes a bigger number of calories to process protein than some other macronutrient. Protein likewise keeps you feeling more full for more and is indispensable in guaranteeing your keeping up bulk while losing fat. Studies have additionally demonstrated that a high protein diet enhances body structure and insulin levels all the more then an eating routine with moderate protein in spite of the quantity of calories staying indistinguishable. To guarantee your eating enough protein expend something like 1-1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight every day while abstaining from excessive food intake.Β 

4. Drink enough water

About half of all Americans don't drink enough water. At the point when in a calorie shortage your water admission is inconceivably imperative to the measure of fat you can move. Indeed, even the littlest measure of lack of hydration makes your digestion back off to attempt and save water this thusly nearly stops your bodies capacity to consume fat. To counter these impacts protect your drinking enough water every day to keep your body completely hydrated and advance your capacity to lose fat.Β 

5. Dont stop focusing on strength training

The main need when attempting to lose fat ought to be to keep however much muscle as could be expected. Losing muscle ought not be worthy! Doing as such will make it increasingly hard to keep on losing fat. This is on the grounds that muscle tissue itself is metabolically in charge of most of the fat you free. So by keeping up or notwithstanding picking up quality is a certain fire approach to guarantee your doing everything you can to keep however much bulk as could reasonably be expected. Lifting overwhelming powers your body to clutch muscle as it considers it to be basic for survival. At the point when the measure of weight lifted is diminished your body at that point accept that you never again require a similar quality any more and bulk will probably be decreased. This is on the grounds that your body will dependably attempt to adjust to keep running as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances. Muscle requires a lot of calories consistently basically for support so it is likely your body will consider it to be a disposable thing. To concentrate on building quality and size to shield against muscle misfortune incorporate some overwhelming compound activities utilizing lower reps (4-6) reps into the beginning of your exercises.Β 

6. You have stress

Regardless of whether everything else is in line being over focused can play destruction with your capacity to lose fat. Mental and Physical pressure diminishes your body's capacity to lose fat because of the rise of the hormone cortisol. Lifted cortisol levels meddle with development hormone and testosterone creation this thus decreases muscle development and prompts fat gain. So beside endeavoring to lessen feelings of anxiety from ordinary working life ensure you take somewhere around one day of rest for every week from any activity to avert consuming yourself out.Β 

7. Take note what you eat

Despite the fact that you may think you are eating accurately to accomplish fat misfortune. On the off chance that you are not following your calories and macronutrients every day it is exceptionally hard to give your body precisely what it needs to keep up muscle and lose fat at an ideal dimension. Following your calories and macronutrients is as not as troublesome as you may initially think and there are a large group of versatile applications, which empower you to output and track your entire sustenance and drink journal.Β 

8. You are not consuming enough fat

In spite of attempting to decrease your muscle to fat ratio its is as yet crucial that you are as yet sufficiently devouring fat every day. An eating routine excessively low in sound fats can play ruin on common testosterone levels causing decreases in both bulk and the capacity to move muscle to fat ratio. Truth be told thinks about have appeared by consolidating exercise with a fish oil supplement (a sound wellspring of fat) subjects dropped more muscle versus fat then the individuals who just worked out. Sometimes these examinations brought about an additional two pounds of fat misfortune in just three weeks. In this way hope to get your fats from sound sources, for example, olive oils, avocados, coconut oils, and fish.Β 

9. You cutted carbs

There are a ton of eating regimens out there that recommend cutting carbs is the most ideal approach to shed pounds. In spite of the fact that this might be valid at times, when alluding to the most beneficial manner by which to lessen muscle to fat ratio while keeping up muscle and athletic execution in the exercise center it isn't the course to go down. For individuals who are weight preparing a few times each week, your body is dependent on carbs as its essential wellspring of vitality to help control you through exercises and play out your best. To energize fat misfortune, eat carbs when weight preparing and guarantee they tell the truth sources, for example, entire grains, sweet potatoes and dark colored rice.Β 

10. You didnt cut the sugar

Decreasing your sugar utilization can truly help increment the rate in which you lose fat. Sustenances and beverages with included sugars, for example, cakes, sodas and desserts have almost no healthy benefit. These refined sugars, which are added to a huge scope of sustenance, do not have the nutrients, minerals, proteins and fiber, which are regularly found in complex starches. Frequently alluded to as "vacant calories" refined sugar can cause glucose levels to spike inciting insulin levels to pursue. Insulin is a hormone, which enables the body to control glucose levels. While expending sugar on the off chance that it isn't quickly utilized for vitality, insulin will expel it from the blood and it will be changed over into triglycerides in the liver. These changed over triglycerides would then be able to be put away as muscle to fat ratio. In this manner ensure you screen sugar utilization to keep away from any overabundance muscle versus fat being put away.Β 


Best exercise to burn belly fat is sit up. You can browse a variety of different types of sit ups position.


Hehehehe. @romeskie, a question on a field am good at. Well, loosing belly fat requires determination. So the first exercise that you need is determination exercise. Once you are determined and get committed, you are good to go. With commitment you begin, with consistency you finish.

So, I'd give you a routine that is favorable for both the male and the female. To begin any exercise, you need to first stretch yourself so you don't get muscle injury. Raise you two hands up and and move it around up to down, left to right, throw your legs around left to right. To the main exercise,

1. Mountain climbing

This you can begin by going into the pushup position. Then, you raise your knees to your stomach level, five reps for the left leg and alternate to the right.

2. Burpees

A recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that a 10 fast-paced reps of burped are as effective at revving the metabolism as a 30-second all-out sprint, so you can burn your belly fat faster than ever before.

To do this, go into the push up position with your arms at shoulder length, perform a pushup and fast goto a squat position and jump. That is 1rep of burpees. Do this 10reps for 3sets. Increase reps and sets as you get more comfortable with the position.

3. Dumbell aided lunges

This weight aided helps you to add more intensity to the workout. To do this, hold the dumbells in a comfortable position above your head. Then push one knee down to the floor like you're about to kneel but with one knee to the ground while adding and squeezing the belly to aid burning of fat. Alternate to the other feet. Do this for 5reps per feet for 3reps and increase as you progress in perfecting yourself.

4. Squats

We all know the squat position. This is good for the lower body attached with abdominal which is what we're to to burn. Do the squatting too. It helps alot.

It is important that you should note that all this workout routine you are to do it when you're certain you have the position right and you have someone with you to help you incase you go wrong to avoid workout injury. And please, avoid carbohydrates. Your diet is much important as exercising. Happy fitness.


There is no better exercise than jogging.

In order to remove fat you have to sweat. Drink as much water as you can and start jogging. You'll see miracles...Your body will transform. People avoid jogging because at times it can be exhausting (especially if you are not exercising regularly) but if you eat kinda healthy drink a lot of water and jog for a full month I assure you that you'll see a transformation.


There are a lot of exercises that can help one out in the burning of fat in the belly. Some of those exercises are, Lunge twist, Road walk, bicycle exercise, crunches and there are different forms of crunches including twist crunch, side crunch, vertical leg crunch and reverse crunch, and also the rolling plank exercise can help remove belly fat.

These are basic exercises one should consider when thinking of burning fat in the belly.

Good luck!


@Romeskie, I am not any expert but in my opinion, running can be prove as an complete package. Stay blessed. πŸ™‚