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Could You Live Without The Internet?

No, for a variety of reasons.

1. It's important in terms of a job. I make my livelihood off the internet (namely Patreon and donations coming in from when I livestream), and without the internet my roommate would not have any idea of his work schedule as he can just log in to a site and see it displayed as well as ask for off time and such.

2. It's important to socialization. Because of my low income I can't afford to go out to places, but there's plenty of places I can hangout online for free and chat with people. Probably one of the few things keeping me sane at this point.

3. It's important for knowledge. I trust the internet a lot more than news outlets, for example, because I can look at the sources for written articles and search until I find one with sources I trust instead of taking things at face value. If I get interested in a subject I can just go find the information as long as it's from a source I can trust via the same method mentioned above. If I wanted to go back to college at any point online classes would be my savior; no needing to waste gas driving to campus for classes and sitting around wasting time, I could just attend from the comfort of home and do the work on my own time.


I will say for now and how far I have gone deep in the internet, I can not live without the internet.

Internet have been part of me and I can say I have achieve a lot on the internet.

(1) Academically

I have achieved a lot in my academic aspect, both in online knowledge about academics and even solving past questions which I get from the internet have helped me to improve my academics knowledge.

(2). Spiritually

This also aspect, the gospel songs and messages I have listen to which some or let me say all comes from the internet have really impacted and changed my spiritual life for good.

(3) Financially

This internet also have helped me to earn some few money on the internet. Website like steemit hage contribute also to it. Although it may be small for now but I am still trusting God that it will soon be big and big. Internet have also helped me financially.

(4) Morally

The motivational talks, the motivational sayings and the morals stories I have read or listen to on he internet have really helped me to improve my moral aspects which I am grateful for.

Many other aspect like that internet have helped me with and which have made me to conclude that I cannot live with the internet.



Well my answer is totally yes.....sincerely...

well Life actually moves on no matter what is the saituation....

because we do not really have internet do not mean we do not really have books. ..i believe that Books actually bring us accurate knowledge — just like the internet does same too...

because We do not actually have access to the internet do not really mean that the endtime is actually about to come into existence...i believe that a person can really learn the survival skill from his or her parents or his or her grandparents....

I totally agree that truly living without the internet in this actual twentieth century is really very hard but also we have truly missed so many beautiful moments around us as individuals because of the existence of the internet....so once again i say i can live without the internet..difficult but possible...


No! In as much as God is the source of my life. The internet is very essential for human use which means without the internet life will go back to being frustrating. This is because technology has come to stay. There are a lot of activities one can carry out using the internet which we can't easily carry out without it.

• Getting information from books can be done without the internet but it tends to be more faster with the internet.

• Communication can be done using data for the internet even though one does not have call units, making calls with data is possible with the aid of the internet.

• The internet creates job for most people especially the bloggers so without the internet, the means of blogging to survive is interrupted. I am a blogger, so I would say internet is where I do my part-time job.

• Ideas and knowledge about places and things are gotten from the internet and without the internet it will be kind of stressing to be able to gather information about place, things, people etc.

• Business transactions and investments are being carried out on the internet especially on cryptocurrency and without the internet, this transactions or investments can't be carried out.

This are the reasons why I say I can't survive without the internet.


Theoretically yes. Practically noooooooooo.