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If you were 90 years old and had a chance to have a 30-year-old body or mind, would you choose your mind or body?

Without remorse, I'd choose to have the body. It would be perfect to have 90 years with a body of 30. I think that would be the best choice, because if we had the mind of 30 in a body of 90 years, it would seem wearisome and useless. Imagine you have an idea but you can't do it because your body won't let you! A person who is old but without strength might feel the same way. 

I know of many old people with many ideas, with all the experience in the world, who say they don't do some things because their bones or muscles don't allow them. This would be the solution.  Regardless of age, being agile, with strength, would allow people to perform their daily activities and even more. 

An old man is characterized by his wisdom, his mind, and a young person is characterized by his strength and his freshness. Let us unite the two most predominant and fundamental traits of the two generations, and we will have an almost perfect individual. 


if I am 90 years old, I will choose a body that is 30 years old. the reason is because I want to always get a fresh and youthful body. but before I was 90 years old, I had to exercise regularly and consume foods that were high in nutrients. when I have done that, I will definitely get the 30-year thought at the age of 90.


I think by mind you meant to have cognitive abilities of either 30 year old or 90 year old.

But since the decay of the body is more rapid than that of the cognitive ability, I would choose 30 year body.

Which is basically what I have now.

And I must say, neither 30 year old body nor 30 year old "mind" as you called it give you exactly the most fitness in neither mental nor physical faculties.

Most definitely, slower memory is better than complete dependancy on other Peoples strenght to do mundane tasks, not to mention compromised immune system.


A 90-year old wisdom may contain a lot of knowledge and experience but it may only last for a short period while a 30-year old body will bear a strength and endurance of another lifetime but with a developing knowledge and experience.

If I were to choose among the choices, I would go for a younger body since it can endure more

Over time, it will be able to learn and adapt to its surroundings.

Although a 90-year old mind may have the wisdom to tackle life, I don't it will have enough time to last much longer than a 30-year old body.

As a 30-yr old body, it has the capability and a chance to acquire wisdom as it live. That's the consideration led me into my decision.


If I were 90 years old, I would not know if I could make a logic choice even if with the mind chosen. Well, I would go for the mind. I guess at that age usually the body still to some extends function at a minimal functionality but then the mind seems to be the one that can't usually be maintained and many people lose it at a younger age even before 90.

With the body and mind only then the person can really function. This would be a hard choice. I hope that by 90, since I choose to have a mind rather than body, I could be able to still properly move without any aid or special help or others to even help me, then it would be something good. With a healthy mind, then I can have a healthy life. It's the mind that makes the world great. Perhaps I could still play with the game consoles, do some programming and many more.

What would you choose? Maybe give me a short and simple reply would do. Hehehe. But this is truly a hard question and many people would have to really think about the answer.


I would choose the body of a 30-year old. Maybe you lose some cognitive function but still you could be much wiser and knowledgeable at 90 than at 30. You could do so much with a younger body than you could with a young mind and an old body. And really, I don't think anyone would notice if a 30 year old was slightly senile.