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Is musing helpful to you? Why?
I think musing.io is very helpful for me and curious people. Because musing.io helps many people by given answers.

There are many people who are still curious about steemit. For them and those who curious about any other matter, musing.io for them. If someone is interested in any topic, he can go to musing.io and ask questions. And he'll get his answer very soon. You get lot of answer. You get lots of answers. In this you can easily get basic knowledge about that.

Every day, many people are questioning there. And many people are helping them by answering. There are many benefits in this. I think musing.io will helping for everyone.
Yeah, musing.io is very helpful. And it is very helpful to the newbies. Most of the who are not well known about steemit. They stuck in many things on steemit. They don't know about the matter so they can't do anything properly. If anyone wants to know anything about steemit then he can ask questions in musing.io and get right answer from musing.io. And musing.io is also helpful to those people who can't invest on steemit. If anyone give right answer to others questions then he will get upvote which is the only mean of earning cryptocurrency and he can invest that cryptocurrency on steemit in his post.

So, it can surely said that musing is very helpful to the newbies.
Yes musing is very much helpful to me in number of ways. Such as:-
Sharing knowledge is always good even it increases your own knowledge.
It enables to broaden my vision and I can get different point of view for a single problem/ question.
It also enable me to get some earning while sharing my knowledge.
It also allows me to ask question and clear my doubts.
Lastly, I think that I’m now addicted to this platform.
Off course yes musing is helping to people in many ways like

1) we get knowledge who had written the post on musing so we can read and understand the blog in proper meaning
2)we have to give answer of the given question asked by someone,so for that we can improve our vocabulary.
3)By writing the answer on musing we can also earn a cryptocurrency by writing the answer on musing.io.
4)we can earn money on writing the answer and we get payment in terms of dollars and that dollars is directly transferred to steemit.
5)due to musing.io we can get various topics to understand and so we can increase the speed of writing on musing and also we can take advantage of that.
So above are the helpful things we get from musing.io.
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Yes, musing is helpful to me in that I can ask questions and get helpful and timely answers to these questions.

I also earn money from doing something absolutely enjoyable, and not many things can beat that.
Indeed it is helpful.

What really amazes me on the Steem platform is how helpful and genuine almost everyone is at helping. Whenever someone sees a question, most if not all in here likes to do the service of helping them first. Sure a part of it is mostly because they might upvote you or even follow you after.

The problem with asking "one-sentence questions" on other platforms like "Steemit.com" or "Busy.org" is that people are likely to treat your question as spam especially if it is a parent post.

Now here comes in Musing. A Q-and-A platform in which people are even rewarded from asking and answering questions. To top it all of, questions are also categorized in a clean and organized way so the chances of your question being answered is very likely.
I use 4 words to describe Musing.io

"QA Platform on Steroids"

disregarding the open blockchain DApp part of Musing, a QA platform is enough to be highly useful and productive to it's users. It is a bank of knowledge and platform that empowers questions to be answered.

When performing research on your own, did you ever typed a question on google and then land on a QA platform that has the exact answer you are searching for? The same has happened to me countless times and i can't thank the angels enough for their answers.

Now imagine that there is finally a way to thank these volunteers who spent their time to answer questions and share their knowledge..

Even as an answerer myself, QA platforms has been a source of writing materials for me and a way to survey what people who are interested in something that I know are asking. Say I write about cryptocurrency (actually i do, kristiankho.com), I know all the technical details, all the formulas and the whitepaper contents and all the details of latest development and all the dry knowledges.. If i write about it piecemeal (including all the jargons and whatnot), I may not engage with my audience; who often asks questions that i never expect people would ask (because I already have those basic knowledge).

I hope you get my drift..

Now imagine I get all those benefits, AND THEN my answers get rewarded by people who I helped with my answers.

how cool is that. By this point the only edge Quora has in my mind (answered over 200+ questions there about bitcoin and cryptocurrency) is the network effect. And network effect only lasts that when the competition is so much better.