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How do you deal with stress?
Most of the time, if you check it, you'd realize that a lot of people do not prioritize their schedule and which is why they end up stressed.
There are different ways to go about a task without being stressed.
Stress is natural and perhaps comes as a result of accumulated work in your hands.
I get stressed a lot and even while typing this, I still am.
But I've come to realize that, when you prioritize your activities in order of importance, you'll hardly get stressed.
If you do, take a glass of milk and give yourself a little rest. You'll feel better in no time.
Different people deal with stress differently.

I think there is no 1 fit answer for all, but I believe the key is know what personality the person who is undergoing stress as well as the cause of the stress.

For some stress relieve helps, like rest, sleep, meditation

For others good strong counsel helps, getting professional help, or even professional or mentor advice to resolve the issues is a great move forward toward less stress

For a few, stress is a motivator, they can accomplish more when the focus the stress

For most taking a step back, re-evaluating, before taking action, helps

Everyone is different, not every shoe fits, like the old saying goes, know thyself, 1st and formost