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This Christmas the Price of the Steem could be like in Christmas Past?
For this Christmas the price of Steem and SBD will be as they were last year?

Source: https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/steem/usd#panel

As per @coingecko, price of Steem on 26th Dec was $3.59. And as I am writing this post it looks like this:

If 5 countries legalize cryptocurrencies where it is not legal yet, then only BTC's price would rise and hence STEEM's price would rise with it. But that is highly unlikely to happen by 25th. But on a positive note, today the whole market has seen a lot of Green. So let's hope it reaches at least $0.4  or $0.5 - Even this would make me very happy! 

 Note: This question was asked on musing.io and above is my answer!  

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This is an ANSWER to a QUESTION on Musing.io

That was the price of Steem as at December 2016. 

Source - https://steemit.com/steem/@ats-david/steem-price-analysis-december-7-2016

That was the price of STEEm as at December 2017.

Source - https://steemit.com/steemit/@lukekelley/steem-price-predictions-december-2017-and-beyond

From the two charts above, it is glaring that Christmas brings rise in value to STEEM and joy t the users. I am very positive about 2018. Already, the prices are GREENING both for STEEM and SBD with an optimistic $0.27 and $0.62 respectively and  and much hopeful for a continuous rise.

It will be a shocker to mockers but STEEM will bounce back!

For every developer and content creator on the STEEM blockchain, don't give-up. Christmas will bring joy to STEEM again.

Thank you @Rubenmedina182 for the question.


You will get Bitcoin in discount this Christmas. Black Friday sale is already over, now wait for Christmas and New Year sale where you will get BTC even cheaper. 

It will take some more time for the market to reverse. It will happen in an unexpected time, getting everyone unsuspected and go up. It also depends on how the people 'value' it. If they feel it is worthy and has value then obviously it will recover. 

If institutional investors step in, then it will go high. I don't see that in near future. Anyways, alt coins depend on their king - Bitcoin to rise. Believe it or not, that's how common public look at cryptocurrency. 


I don't think so. STEEM will follow the price action of the whole cryptocurrency market. That dances to the tune of Bitcoin. That tune is the market sentiment. I don't think we've seen the bottom of sentiment, yet. We have yet to see the rock bottom of hopelessness and depression in the Bitcoin market, yet. Every non-believer/non-long-term hodler needs to exit the market beating themselves over the head blaming themselves for being so stupid. We also need to see apathy and depression to take over. When only those with an iron grip motivated by ideological reasons remain, it is time to start accumulating in earnest. I wouldn't get too excited about the last little rally.


I don't know what the price of Steem was last year at Christmas, but I think this year won't change too much. it might go up a bit or down but not with much, we are talking about just a few cents. I think we have to wait a month for things  to move. Bakkt will change the game. 



I would personally say no as it looks like the markets are on hold till the 24th January.

Bakkt was going to launch their exchange on the 12th December but due to high interest and sign ups it was delayed till the 24th January. This is going to be new money from the Institutions which will make a huge difference.

The closer we get to that date it looks like the markets are being manipulated and kept on hold. It wouldn't take a lot of money from them to do this as they have rather deep pockets.


Personally I don’t think so. This is unlikely. Given the current price of bitcoin, I rather would say the price might decrease further.


The way the crypto is dipping seems that no magic will happen in 10 days. But let's hope that end weeks and beginning of new year will bring hope and bullish run. Lets hope for the best


Considering how low the coins have been and how low it is right now, I don't think the price will be like Christmas past. By the way it's 5 days to Christmas and I don't see the possible of Steem and SBD being that high. Let;s just accept this and move on..