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What is Bandwidth on the Steem blockchain and how much is consumed per comment, upvote, transaction and delegation?
Yes! The self-proclaimed Steem guru (JK) doesn't know an answer to a Steem-related question. But to clarify, I know what Bandwidth is but, I have no clue how much is consumed when interacting with the Steem blockchain. The reason I left the bandwidth part of the question is that it makes more sense to ask it as a whole to have a better answer in the end. Hopefully someone knows the answer to this one as I wasn't able to find it.

Bandwidth is a control mechanism or a way to control the costs of steem blokchain. Because, everything you do (posts, voting, comments, etc.) will consume a small amount of your bandwidth. Every user has a limited amount of bandwidth to use every week. Users with more Steem (Steem Power) power will have a higher amount of bandwidth.

You can check how much bandwidth you currently have based on the current limit at https://steemd.com/@youraccountname

Speaking of how many, usually everyone's bandwidth allowance is quite high, and users can use the network freely without interruptions (constraints). Sometimes when blockchain becomes busy because of the large number of users, each individual's bandwidth allowance may go down until the network becomes less busy.