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What are some tips you would give to someone that just started his Steemit"career"?
They are ready to start producing content but are lost in the sea of information. Help them swim in the right dirrection.

When someone starts her/his Steemit career, she/he might get lost. It might take a lot of time to understand what is going on. Someone who just started her/his Steemit career, she/he can follow the following tips.

01. Make quality content

What I realized using steemit is that you have to make quality content to be successful and do something better in future. Ok, you see low quality posts make more money than yours, so what's the point of spending time to make quality posts then?

Well, people say that content is the king. I think content is the most important thing if you want to do something successfully online. Whatever you want to do, for example, freelancing, online marketing, branding, building an online business and so on, you have to focus on content. And there is no alternative of quality content. If your content is really good, you can face any challenge and do better in the long run.

02. Help others

If you want to do something alone, you cannot go further. You have to help other and grow together. Making good relationship is the key to be happy in your personal life as well as professional life. So, interact with more people on steemit. You can easily do that by making comments on others post.

03. Focus on your strength

To do better on Steemit, you should focus on your strength. If you can speak and comfortable on camera, then make video and upload that on Dtube and Dlive. If you are singer, make your music and you can speak well, start your podcast. You can upload this on DSound. You can use Musing and answer people's question that I'm doing right now. You can contribute to open source software. Whatever you do here, you will be rewarded for that. Just focus on your strength and do your thing.

04. Join community and participate in the contest

There are many communities on Steemit. Join communities on Discord and add value to the community. You can participate in the contest and whether you win or not, you will learn something from it and that will help you to do better on Steemit.

05. Keep learning

You have to have a learning attitude. The moment you stop learning, you stop your journey to move forward. Steemit is a journey. You want to move forward, right? Then keep learning something new on a regular basis. No one is your competitor. Complete with yourself. Try to be better than you were yesterday. When you learn new things, you will think to make a change in your life. That's how, you will get your dreams come true.


It's not just content they have to produce. They also need to have their character written in their posts and how they engage with others in the community. Something that could separate them between "Follow me, I follow you back" characters. They need to create an image that can help people separate them from the crowd. 

You also need to tell them to level their expectations with the rewards they can potentially receive when starting out. I would suggest breaking them to the reality that circle jerk, whale abuse, and other forms of abuse are rampant in the platform. How minnows hardly get the visibility they really deserve especially for those content creators that really put in a lot of effort into their work. 

Orient them to how Steemcleaners operate and what are the forms of abuse not tolerated in the platform to help them avoid flags. And then emphasizing how important engagement is to their steemit career. They can create decent posts on the sidelines but it's really engagement with other people that could help them earn from the platform. 


There is no short cut to grow on Steemit platform. One have to be consistent and patience.

There are few tips while implementing on that one can be grow on this platform.

First of all you have to produce quality posts.

Secondly, participate by up voting the others in form of comments.

Increase your social network by adding people having common interest areas.

By getting more and more up votes 

Musing is very helpful specially for new users. So they should join Musing.

By participating in different bots.

You can also join discord channels and earn up vote from there.


Patience, hardwork and dedication is all that is needed in the community. Let me explain further.


A person that simply doesn't have patience will give in up even before they have started. Steemit is not an easy community, anyone telling you otherwise is just deceiving you. But with time and enough work put into it in no time you will understand the network.


Everything and anything requires your time in it. Time in the sense that you have to take your time in doing your proper research and not just write anything and mislead the community because people are actually reading and learning from what you have written. So without proper research who knows what might happen.


All you need to know is that what you are entering into requires your time big. So you need to be 100% dedicated in the community. You need to dedicate your time and money because that's the only way you can fully understand and enjoy the community.


Being a new steemian is very confusing. I know this because we have all been there. Like you said he is lost in the sea of information. This is because steemit is not a platform one exists alone. It is an ecosystem with different communities and niche.

As a new steemian, it is important to know that all you heard before joining isn't really how it is. Steemit is a platform where you blog and earn but it is not as easy as it sounds especially for a new steemian. Be aware that your first posts may suffer very little upvotes and sometimes very high number of voters but very little monetary value. This is why you must first understand the importance of Steem Power and what role it plays.

Secondly you find your niche. Your niche is your comfort zone. What do you love to write about? What subject can you conveniently write about without having to source from any article. It is not a good idea to start up your steemit journey with plagiarized content. Let people know you for the stuff you can deliver. Find your niche and stick to it. It could be poetry, fiction, life, cryptocurrency, memes etc.

Learn to study. There would be times when writers block would happen. Reading wide helps you to have an inspiration and a topic readily available. You must not blog everyday. If it doesn't flow, let the brain rest. You can come to musing.io and answer questions and earn some extra cash.

Belong to a community. You need to be known. You need your post visible. Find co,mmunities that support minnows and belong to them. Interact and socialize. You would meet people ready and willing to assist you on your steemit journey. Read other people's blog and leave intelligent comments. This gets you noticed and drives people to your blog. Learn to upvote people too, you earn from curation reward.

Be dedicated. Don't come in thinking you would make it in one night. The market will rise and fall. There would be days of good upvotes and very poor upvotes. Remember stay for The community. Continue producing original and unique content and soon you would be well known and steemit will become a home.


My absolute number one piece of advice for anyone on Steemit is to never give up. It was probably the most valuable piece of advice given to me, over and over again, when I started back in January and I am super glad I took it to heart. Although there were periods of time I was off the platform due to other issues, I never thought of giving up. 

It can be super frustrating during the early days to put a bunch of effort into something and see no rewards. And by no rewards, I mean literally none. It happens time and time again. But, the persistence is key. 

In order to make it work, however, simultaneously or even before one starts to put out consistent content they need to be constantly making connections. Or even trying to make connections. I say trying because there are so many users on Steemit who aren't here to interact. So, it definitely takes some weeding out in the "sea' you mentioned above :)

Along with creating these relationships and maintaining them, it's important to continue to broaden your horizons and reach out to other areas of the platform. In the past 8 months I have spent countless hours on the platform and still find new corners and projects every day. With enough poking around I'm sure everyone can create their own little core community, or join forces with another. 

In terms of content, along with never giving up in terms of consistency, I think that quality is very important. I've heard a lot argue against this, but if you are consistent with your quality level, the likelihood of becoming noticed and put in the spotlight increases. I know what it's like to pump out dozens of articles without seeing much engagement. But sometimes the once in a while makes up for all of it. 

For instance, after a long stretch of struggling to get organic rewards, I received a Curie vote on a piece I slaved over. initially my power went out halfway through it, it was another day before it was back on, and then I had lost all my notes. But I got back to it, put hours more effort into it, and I think it was all worth it :)


Oh, where to begin....

Learn to source pictures that you use from the Internet properly. Make sure you are visiting sites like pixabay to get copyright free images and then cite the source in your post.

Don't think you are going to be widely successful overnight. It takes time to build a following and to hone your craft. The rewards will come, but you need to be patient and always strive to be better.

Get involved in Discord. That is where the real interaction on Steemit happens. You will begin some relationships on there that will carry over into upvotes and followers.

Learn how to construct a good comment and do it often on others posts. It is a great way to find others that share your interests and show other users that you have something to offer to the block chain.

Use all of the tools that are available to you. DLive, DTube, tasteem, esteem, busy, musing.io, and many more are all great tools to use with your Steemit account.

Take advantage of the resources that are available. Steembasicincome is just one example of a great resource to help others and help yourself earn a consistent reward on your posts.


I'm new to steem blockchain and this is the tips I can give you which is let just have FUN in this steem blockchain! Although I know about the monetary. Write what you like, show your video as you like and be genuine to everyone that you think you want to be friend with. I would never call steemit as a career.