How long have you been on Steemit? How much SP did you earn and how? What did you do with it?
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I've been on Steemit since January 3rd! Since then, I've accumulated about 196 SP. Although I wish that number was much higher, I'm grateful for every little piece I can get. 

Since joining I went through a variety of different hardships that prevented me from being on the platform as much as I wanted to. These ranged everywhere from broken computer screens, to being homeless without a computer, to having my passphrase book to just simply being lazy and not having enough time in the day. 

I think for a new user I started to accumulate SP rather quickly but then had these long phases of things not working out so well. Lately, my life has turned around a little bit so I'm much more committed to spending as much time on the platform as possible and am taking off on a cross country journey soon on which I hope to meet plenty of Steemians. 

I think on a daily basis I definitely earn much more SP by comments, as most people do, but on a broad scale I think my articles might outweigh that simply thanks to a few rather generous Curie votes. Without those, I believe the comments would vastly outweigh the posts. I used to aim to write at least one post a day and 30 solid comments- obviously like I said before I didn't do that well keeping up with it but lately I've been much more back on track. 

I have powered up every piece of STEEM and SBD I've ever received until very recently. I wanted to diversify my portfolio a little bit and had some STEEM sitting in my wallet and decided to send it over to binance. At first it was a measly 5 STEEM, but then I remembered the limit and had to transfer another ~6 STEEM I had sitting in my smartsteem rewards that I had forgotten about and I forgot to enter the god damn memo. So, I lost 6 STEEM and I took it as a sign that I should have moved something else around. I didn't want to use STEEM, but it was the most immediately available currency I had at the time. 

My goal is to get to 500 SP by the end of the year. I'm not exactly on track for that but I think I can get there. Once I am past that, and am able to use the vote slider, I will be able to start thinking about delegating. I would delegate now, and am very interested in doing so, but with my vote being worth a mere .01 I have no spare SP. 

Once I get a little more under my belt I'm planning on delegating to multiple people/projects. There are a lot of amazing projects going on here that deserve as much support as they can get. 

I also hope that by that time I have made a lot more friends on here. The higher SP I have, the more love I can spread. That is a HUGE goal of mine here on Steemit. 

I'm about to embark on a long road trip and have no spare money to speak of so I am starting to try to accumulate a little STEEM as an emergency fund. I'm hoping that I get to my destination(where I have plenty of work) without needing to dip into it but I need a fall back so I unfortunately am going to try to hold back on powering up as much as I can until Halloween. 

That being said, I do try to encourage people to power up as much as possible. Every little piece benefits your future. Cheers! 


How have you been on Steemit?

I have been on Steemit for the past 5 months from now even though I signed up very late this year because I heard about it this year.

How much SP did you earn and how?

Sincerely it was very difficult for me to gather up my present SP due to different experiences and low upvotes (payouts) such that I once felt like giving up but I just had to keep trying to attain success. I am now happy today with the help of musing and support from others I am able to gather up to 100SP and I am still hoping to add more to this.

What did I do with my SP?

I actually use my SP to support myself and other people's posts posts by upvoting them. I used to forget to even upvote my own posts sometimes because I do love to support others most especially the minnows or newbies on Steemit and those who provide quality posts.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I have been Steemit.com since January the sixth of this year:

Initially received delegation of almost 15SP a couple of days after I made the account:

Until Now I have earned around 400 Steem tokens and around 300SBD. I have powered up most of it and I have spent around 100SB on steem monster packs. I currently stand at 530 SP and I have never powered down (neither do I plan to - for a long time).

Most of Steem power was initially earned by commenting and and winning small competitions. After 200SP mark my posts also started to do well and I was able to make some earnings through my posts. Recently I have been making some from from musing.io as well. 

I never really had any money to buy Steem or SBD from my own money. So what I have in my wallet is what I have earned here.


I have been on steemit for 14 months and in the time i have earned through blogging over 700sp.

My steem power always stays in my steem account but I did dip into it once nearly a year ago.

A year ago I took out $100 worth of steem to buy some promotion items for the use of steemit, this was banners for walls and posters and flyers. these were used to promote steem and steemit to bring more people to the block chain.

When I first joined steemit I was a little lost, it wasn't until i went on a promo day with the promo guys from steem that I found my steemit legs, they had loads of information for me to take away and learn.

Before steemit I didn't even know that cryptocurrency was a thing, it was way over my head and took me a while to find out what it was.

I had a great follower who would up-vote 90% of my posts back when I first started posting, he was the one who kept me here and kept me blogging.

He would help me with my posts too and we met a few time which made things more magical with steemit as I knew the guy behind the other side of the up vote.

he still upvotes me to this day but it isn't as same as it was as he has lost his delegation that @ned had lent him. but still every cent is worth something here for us isn't it?

hope you find this useful 


I have been on since July and I have accumulated about 100 SP. 60 of these were from two posts that were lucky enough to be @curied. I just added most of it to my steempower but I gave my primary supporter 10 x SBI


I have been on steemit for about 11 months. I have earned about 1250 steem power. I earned it by just intereacting a lot and learning how curation works. What am I doing with it? Just holding on to it as steem power and trying to make moeny with it.