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Why do some people not have the ability to distinguish good from evil?

Every restaurant owner thinks they serves the best food and best of service, that is how same thing goes with, bad people cannot see what they do as evil but give it a meaning as it is for the greater good of humanity. You can take the terrorist as another example, they feel they are fighting for a good course thus does not see it as evil.

In conclusion, it depends on the person giving their view


Hearts Humans have feelings and can recognize and distinguish, actions are good or bad and right or wrong.

Assessment of an action is relative, this is due to differences in the benchmarks used for the assessment. The difference in benchmarks is caused by differences in religion, beliefs, ways of thinking, ideology, environment and so on.

Good and bad measures that are known in moral science include:

A. Nurani

The human soul has the power to be able to distinguish between good and bad. This power can encourage him to do good and prevent him from doing bad. His soul will feel happy if he has done good and feels Core strength is called conscience. Each individual has different strengths from each other. This power difference can cause differences in perceptions about something that is considered good and which is considered bad.

B. Ratio

Ratio Is a gift of God given to humans, which distinguishes it from other creatures. With the ratio owned, humans can weigh which things are good and bad. With human reason, they can judge that actions that have good results deserve to be called good and preserved. and vice versa. Human ratio assessments will continue to evolve and experience change according to the experiences they have.

C. Indigenous

Customs prevailing in certain groups and communities into one measure of good and bad members in the act. Doing something that is not a habit of the surrounding community or group will be a problem in interacting. Each particular group or community has its own limitations on things that must be followed and which must be avoided. Something that is considered good by one community is not necessarily the case according to the other community. They will educate and teach their children to do habits that they consider good and forbid from doing something that is not their habit.

D. Individual Views

Certain groups or communities have group or community members who individually have different views or thoughts than most people in the group. Each individual has the freedom to have his own views and thoughts even though they must be different from the group or society.

Each individual has the right to determine what he considers good to do and what he considers bad. It is not impossible what was previously considered bad by the community, finally considered good, because there was someone who managed to convince his group that what he considered bad was good.

E. Religious Norms

All religions in the world teach goodness. Measures of good and bad according to religious norms are more permanent, when compared with good and bad measures in conscience, ratios, customs, and individual views. These four sizes are relative and can change according to space and time. Good and bad measures based on religious norms are more reliable and can be accounted for, because religious norms are the teachings of the Most Holy God. Besides that, God's teachings are more universal.


It seems like it should not be so difficult to know what is good and what is bad. Almost everyone automatically knows that it is bad to kill someone else, do they not? Torturing people is understood to be wrong without explaining why it is wrong. But there are many things that are wrong and things that are right that we do not automatically understand.

On top of the unintuitiveness of the evil or goodness involved in certain actions, we are constantly being bombarded by the world with lies about what is good and evil. On the television shows and movies, the “good guys” often promote fornication, drunkeness, crude speech, revenge, etc. Speaking out against homosexuality or abortion is viewed as hate speech. We must learn to see through the propaganda of Satan and be disgusted by sin as God is.


"Good' and "evil"are subjective terms. Just like certain countries have strict laws punishing people for theft by cutting off a hand while other countries simply put thieves in prison; what good and bad are is relative.

Mental illness can also play a part. Some prison inmates have a psychological disorder of one form or another. Legally speaking they are not "insane" but they may not have much control over their anger or behavior. At times this may make them unable to objectively judge their actions as "evil" or anti-Social.