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What would you do with your free time if you didn't need to work to earn money?
You are filthy rich and don't need to work for another day of your life. How doy ou spend your free time? Try to explain in as much detail as possible.

If I am rich and I don't need to work to earn money, I will still work. I work because I love it. I love the the process. I love the game. Money comes in the process. It would not be fun for me to go and lie on the beach. Of course, I love my family and I want to spend quality time with them. 

I love natural beauty. When I have free time, I go out somewhere that is close to nature. Let me show you a picture that I took a couple of days ago. 

I love the green, trees, river and mountain. It refreshes body and mind. You can feel positive vibes if you go out in nature. I just love it. You might not get internet connection over there, but you will find some sort of connection in nature. 

Sometimes people work only to earn money, even they do their freaking job they hate. If they do not need to work to earn money, probably you will not see them working like they used to before. But if you love what you do, you are not doing it for money. Money is not the motivation to work. You do it because that's what you are passionate about and you love it. 

So my answer is, I would still keep working even if I would not need to work to earn money. 


I'd spend most of my time reading. I'm an African and there's this misconception about Africans that if you want to hide anything from them, you have to put it in a book because they will not read it.

First, I'd like to prove that notion wrong because not all Africans hate to read. I love books, science, fiction, romance, true life, adventure, just name it.

There's so much information contained in books that we might never find unless we discipline ourselves to sit and read. Besides, I'm a read and write learner. I prefer to read than to watch.

Each time I read, I'm able to put my imagination to work and see beyond the environment where I'm sitted.

Reading also helps me improve my vocabulary better than i would have if i were to be watching a movie as I would want to look up the meaning of a new word or phrase so i could have a better understanding of the grammatical construction and incorporate it into my everyday English.


If I were to be filthy rich as you said and didn't have to work, I would spend my free time embarking on several charity program to give to the poor and those in need of aid. Setting up a charity foundation would be a top most priority, and helping orphans, widows, and those living in abject poverty would be my primary purpose. I would build schools and other recreational facilities for remote area deprived of such infrastructure. Leisure-wise, I love to swim,watch movies, and play video games. 

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I would prefer to use my spare time to educate the society about what they desire to be acquainted with, especially about Health, Financial Intelligence, Moral Education and most importantly, the infallibility of EXISTENCE of Monotheic GOD from which originate ALL Substances and Phenomena


If I was so rich that I didn't have to work and my descendants didn't have to work, first I  would move somewhere near the ocean.

I would wake up at my white sanded beach house and drink a cup of freshly grinded coffee while watching the sunrise above the crystal clear blue Carribean sea to start my day. Before breakfast, I'd get into the ocean for a quick swim and some snuggles with my boyfriend. We'd get out of the water and walk back to our house, to the back yard.

(I began writing in present now)

What do we feel like having today (for breakfast)?  Maybe some mango, kiwano, avocado, the freshest it can be, straight out of the jungle. We pick out our today's breakfast and wait for our staff to serve them. 

After eating breakfast, we sit at dock of our private beach and talk while feeding the gigantic turtles. Suddenly, our conversation is interrupted by one of our staff members, Julio. He brings a big crystal saucer that was custom made in Italy, there are three different sized rolled joints and three different sized blunts on it. We choose the biggest blunt and decide to share it with Julio. In a matter of minutes, we are all laughing and giggling. 

What is the best thing to do while high? Go snorkeling, so that's what we did. But honestly I was staring to get paranoid so I was like; I'm just gonna lay on the beach today all day and sunbathe while drinking a coconut milk straight out of  coconut. 

It's lunch time! Our staff member Elka informs us that the lobster we're having was still swimming a few hours ago so it is also the freshest it gets. Nice to hear, even tho I'm not the biggest fan of sea food. 

The food, the drinks, everything is divine, even the weed we smoked after lunch. We go back to our backyard and sleep for a few hours in our hammocks. I wake up at 5pm and I smell coffee and weed. Me and my boyfriend decide to share a joint and walk to the nearby waterfalls. 

My boyfriend decides to jump and take a swim in a fresh water. I'm still sleepy but I join him anyways. We are now thirsty from all this jumping up and down the waterfall and it is a perfect time for beer. We go to the local pub where we meet up with some friends, have a few beers and some fun. They invite us to their house for dinner. 

The dinner is lovely, the food is perfect and we can't get enough of it. Finally, we are all full and my friend Cesar brings out the bong. I get high as a kit and can't walk so we call our staff to come and pick us up. 

We are tired but it is still too hot to sleep, so we lay at the beach and look at the stars. It was a perfect day. Tomorrow we are going to take a taxi boat to the nearby island to check on our weed plantation and have some adventures there as well. 


If i do not really need to work before i can earn money

then i will surely be singing and cooking because these are my favourite hobbies which i can never get tired of,,i love singing alot and i also love cooking but because of

my busy schedule caused by my work i am not always able to engage in these hobbies the way i would really love to,,so if i could earn money without working then

that will give me the opportunity to now begin to fully engage in those hobbies which i have passionfor and that is basically singing and cooking...


So I will answer this question thinking that I also have resources to do what I want,

If I will not need to work I probably will own a small land and make living with fresh water fish.

I probably would build a pond beside my house where I can see my fish growing, also I can witness them having babies.

I was kinda fond of owning an aquarium since I was a child and that would probably my dream pet.

To own and have a pond with many kinds of fresh water fish