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What is the way to cure throat infection?

The best way to deal with throat infection is to do salt water gargling regularly. I have seen best results by doing a salt water gargling. It will be good to add a little turmeric powder to the salt water to gargle. It will reduce the infection. I will provide steps to do this:

- Take a cup full of hot water in the level of warmth your mouth can withstand.

- Add some Crystal salt to the water. Refrain from using other treated salts as it may contain other chemical substances apart from NaCl.

- Add and around two pinch of turmeric to the water.

- Stirr the water very well to dissolve the salt particles inside the water.

Now you can gargle the water little by little. Doing this multiple times a day can give great effect. This solution mostly works only during earlier stages. If the infection is severe salt water gargling may not have any great effect. You have to consult your doctor for further medication.

Next solution would be to gargle Betadine. It is a chemical compound usually prescribed by the doctors. This will also give greater results. If you are not sure what it is all about, please refrain from using it and best way to deal with the throat infection is to contact a doctor. It is usually said that throat infection is the first step towards other health complications.


I think the best way would be to go to a doctor. They can evaluate the problem and take the best decision. I wouldn't treat that superficially and ask for remedies on musing.