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Is entertainment wasting our time?

The movies we watch, the songs we listen to actually make us who we are. Thier influence on us is kind of can be insidious or benefiting depending on what you get entertained by.

Take someone who gets entertained by watching hillarious videos of people doing stupid things like lighting fireworks on their bodies is entertaining and kind of pointless. Normally no one would try that but we don't know that some of those stunts are staged for fame. We end up watching these videos for hours learning nothing earning nothing and wasting our time.

I remember watching one episode of an animated series BOONDOCKS where they taught how to defend yourself from assault. Now I was entertained and at the same time I learnt something.

The trending genre of music is Trap music or Mumble music. When you watch their music videos on channels like MTV Base or TRACE all you see is drugs, nudity, strong language or drug abuse. This same channel would show a popular hit song like THis is America by rapper Childish Gambino. Now this song although entertaining is packed with lots of messages about racism and social media addiction

There's this trend now on Instagram where I'm from it's called giveaways. Notable personalities give away free cash by putting their followers through some challenges some are academical some aren't. In the end people are rewarded.

I think what you get entertained by will determine if you're wasting your time or not


Absolutely no, how can entertainment waste our time when you are responsible for how you decide to use your time.

Time is very precious and it's important how you use your time on a daily basis.

If there is one thing you can't get back once it's gone is time so it's important we learn how to plan how to make use of our time and be productive.

Entertainment plays a big part in today's society and there are people who make millions in the entertainment world.

Infact entertainment is not just to have fun,it's a business and means of living for many people.

Entertainment can be classified into various forms, music,sports, fashion, media,film production just to mention but a few.

People go to school to study courses that has to do with entertainment such as theatre art, music,and lots more.

So someone can decide to do entertainment just for fun while others are entertainment as part of their life and talent and there are people who make millions from the entertainment world and it's what they do for a living.

So my conclusion is that entertainment can be a waste of time when you do it just for fun but it's not a waste of time when you see it as a business you can do to make a living.


I don't think so. I think entertainment is a crucial part of the human society. By entertainment, i assume you mean anything that you see or do that makes you laugh or simply just keeps your attention for a while and is enjoyable. So I assume even chatting with friends and laughing qualifies as entertainment. Imagine a world with nothing but work and rest. If you're having a hard time imagining it, then i suggest you watch Equilibrium. Its a 2002 movie that describes life without entertainment.

Entertainment has its purposes. It makes us laugh, cry, and generally be emotional. While this may not seem an important thing, you should know that positive emotions have a way of cleansing the body and mind of things like stress, which is something most people can't avoid at work. It is important to find a proper balance between the two as neither is more important than the other. 

Note, I say entertainment is important but I mean at the right time. Watching a movie when you should be working is wrong and as such is considered a distraction. There is a time and place for everything, work and play included 


Not at all. 

Entertainment is an important characteristic in relaxation, rest, and overall well being. 

The important thing to remember is:

Anything in excess is not good.

This is generally a true statement. It could be argued that with some things, you cannot have too much, but lets keep it simple. 

Life is about finding balance, achieving happiness, and ensuring your basic necessities are being taken care of. As long as these factors are present, the only person who can determine that value in any given activity, is yourself. 


Not at all, when it's used responsibly. TV shows, movies and YouTube videos I like to watch while I'm working on other things because I have dual monitors. Books are a form of entertainment that I particularly enjoy because they teach me things and expand my vocabulary. Video games have taught me some great hand-eye coordination and been a way for me to connect with others, as well as taught me how to figure out puzzles and the like over time.

When you're responsible and do the entertaining things when you have the free time for them instead of when you should be doing other things entertainment is great :)

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Time wasting is doing something good at a wrong time. If I'm expected to do a particular thing at a particular moment and I'm doing something else in place of what I'm supposed to do, I'm simply wasting time because, I would be required to spend more time to do what I was required to do that something else took its place. But if I did what I was supposed to do, when I was supposed to do them, I'm actually saving time.

Let's relate the above to entertainment. Entertainment is good for everyone because it helps us relax, catches fun, etc. But if I use the time that I'm supposed to do something else to entertain myself, I've wasted the time that I'm supposed to use on that thing on entertainment and it's bad. But if I use the time I've created for myself for entertainment, for entertainment and the time for other things, for the other things; without anyone getting in the way of the other, I'm actually saving time.

So I'll say that entertainment is not a waste of time because it's a necessary part of life. But we should not let it get in the way of other things that we're supposed to do