What is Content & Curation Rewards?
gift content is a gift given to us who create content or write a post on steemit.
the gift of curation is the hadia that is given to us that gives upvote for the content of others
currently steemit halves the prize of 100%
75% for content owners
25% for people who give upvote to our content
that's the answer from me hopefully can give benefit
Blog post rewards are paid out twice, once a stake-weighted 24 hours after your post is published and again 30 days later. After that, no more rewards are paid on the content, under the current system...

Post rewards are paid out half in Steem Dollars and half in Steem Power...

“Stake-weighted 24 hours” means that the expected 24-hour payment window can be extended if high-SP users (whales) upvote you, thus giving other users time to negate the whales’ votes, in case they constitute abuse. Payout time can even be extended by upvotes on comments to your blog post....
Curation rewards are paid at the same time as blog post rewards. You can maximize your curation rewards by voting on posts you think others will also vote for (before they actually vote for them), voting early, not voting on content that is already at the top of the charts and by increasing your Steem Power.

Note that within the first 30 minutes that a blog post is published, your curation rewards are shared with the author. Upvote immediately after publication, and 99.94% of your curation reward goes to the blog post author, not you. This percentage declines with time. At 15 minutes after publication, you get 50%. At 30 minutes, you get 100%.

Curation rewards are assigned using a reverse auction though, so the earlier you vote, the higher the reward you get. You’ll need a strategy in order to regularly profit from curation. This system is in place to prevent curation bots from gaining an unfair advantage....