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Is not it disappointed for steemian that steem price is not increasing ?

You should understand that the more the demand outpace the supply, the higher the steem price. Their must be something that people will buy into before they can purchase steem.

In matter of months, I see Steem rising because everything is set. Card games like Steemmonster and the coming SMT means the demand for STEEM is going to be huge causing the sellers to have more say in price decision.


I'm very confident Steem will rise in value in the coming months. There are so many new projects right now that will drive the value up, and different SMT projects. It's an exciting time on the blockchain. Many who have left, will come back with their tail between their legs, regretting their fallacy, and see new made dolphins and whales. 

I intend to be one of those dolphins. Right now is the perfect time to accumulate as much Steem as possible. 

Right now, if your marathon shoes are on, you have the right idea , in my opinion, and by marathon, I mean you should be working as hard as you can right now. 

This is entirely opinion based. Do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. This isn't financial advice, it's rather my opinion of where I believe Steem is headed.


Not in the short term. If you believe the steem blockchain could be greater than it is today, the prices will catch up later on.  In can stay dormant for all it wants and it is reasonable given that a lot of SMT's and new projects are still in development. But once these new projects based on the blockchain have proven useful, it's expected that Steem will have it's value appreciated higher. 


I think next year will e fantastic fr the Steem price. A bit like the perfect storm going to happen. SMT's are going to be launched in March, the investment houses and financial institutions ,plus most likely Wall street will jump on crypto in the first quarter.

This is what some of us have been waiting for so whilst the prices are low we should be accumulating. Accumulate now as much as you can before there is a rush of users flooding the Steemit platform.


For me, it is normal since we have been through a huge bull run in the last year. This year should be a correction for the whole market, and Steem is not an exception.

After the correction, STEEM price may increase as new money pours in.