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We all know that smoking is harmful for health, how a smoker relieve or avoid from it ?
Smoking is very harmful even we all know that. A smoker is always smoke without think time, place, person. When we advice to stop skokin it is not easy for him/her because of regular habit. so my question what easiest procedure to relieve from smoke?

 Smoking is a habit.  It is difficult to quit smoking. Smokers says it's difficult.   Many people are trying to quit smoking, but they could not.    Studies have shown that if some techniques are used to quit smoking, then only nine out of every 10 people will be successful. Here are some of the techniques mentioned here.

1. Make a list of what health problems are in smoking and put a red mark on what matters most to you.     

2. Make a list of what can be gained if you quit smoking.     

3. Make a list of people you know who have quit smoking. You will see that they are none smart or stronger than you. So if they can quit smoking, why can not you?    

4. Select a date to quit smoking and quit smoking since that day. Throw all the cigarettes, ashtrays and lighter on that day. Clean your home and car, clean your clothes, and keep your teeth clean.   

5. Try to combine other smokers in your home or workplace to join you to stop smoking.   

6. Go ahead as planned. Exercise and quit eating nutritious foods before leaving smoking. Store healthy, low-calorie intake, sugar gum, and canard.    

 7. Avoid high-risk situations such as cocktail parties until you are sure of your success.    

8. Find different ways to get rid of tension. Exercise, meditation and deep breathing exercises can help.     

9. Do not cheat yourself. You might think, the cigarette has left it, but what will happen if you smoke a cigarette today? Be careful, do not bring this thought into the head. A cigarette will create more cigarette food temptation among you.     

10. If you are not successful in releasing cigarettes on the first attempt, try again. Most people, who quit smoking, have failed several times before being successful.     

11. If it is difficult for you to spend time after giving up smoking, convince  yourself, who support you join with them.

12. You can get help with nicotine replacement therapy, it is beneficial to quit smoking. Different types of nicotine replacement therapy are available. Such as patch, gum, inhaler or nasal spray etc. Since nicotine is a poison, such a replacement therapy should be taken under the supervision of the doctor. Apart from this, patients with cardiovascular disease or ulcer have to take special precautions. 

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I am an active smoker since a few years ago. And, I am aware of the risks behind it, because smoking is not healthy at all when we do it too much.

From  your question, honestly I can't avoid it, or stop smoking totally  because there is a sense of "confused" and "very confused" when I don't  smoke. In fact, I can't work without it.

The  only way is to regulate bedtime, meals, etc. to offset the risk of  smoking, and reduce the allotment of nicotine intake that might be  harmful to the body.

When my chest feels uncomfortable, I will do the following:
- exercise a little
- sleep
- drink pineapple juice (this can expel phlegm and reduce the risk of smoking)
- playing with children, because my attention will be distracted from here.

So, to reduce / avoid cigarette intake is too high, "divert your attention", only that can be done. Even though Vapor can function enough, vapor also has a high enough risk. 


If they are absolutely aware that their habit is unhealthy, then only they can decided that for themselves. Smoking has some addictive components to it and it requires a lot of will power and insight to its deleterious effects to the body. 

What you can do as a concerned individual is keep encouraging them to quit consistently. This would work if they already understand that smoking does them harm and are having thoughts about quitting. It is more difficult to convince someone to stop smoking if they have no insight on the negative effects of cigarette/tobacco smoke in their health.